See Nicolas Cage As Superman Beyond

By Jason Collins | Published

We’ve seen Nicolas Cage in numerous outings over the year, from Merlin’s apprentice in 2010s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to an angel guiding humans towards the afterlife in 1998’s City of Angels, and we’re about to witness Cage as a vampire in an upcoming outing. However, the fandom has once again toyed with fantasy casting and painted the actor whose movies are again trending as Superman from Superman Beyond.

According to, the artwork depicting Nicolas Cage as the Superman from the future originated on Instagram. As seen in the picture above, the actor is wearing the well-known Superman Beyond costume, sporting salt-and-pepper hear and beard. Although it’s not likely for him to appear in the next Superman film, the concept idea isn’t all that bad. Cage was previously set to portray the Man of Steel in a canceled Tim Burton film in which the iconic superhero doesn’t survive but actually dies in the movie. And we’re not discussing a Kryptonian-coma like in Snyder’s Cut.

Unfortunately, as the film was never made, Nicolas Cage never adorned the iconic cap and briefs and became the Man of Steel. However, given the recent changes at Warner Bros., his appearance as an older Superman isn’t actually out of the question — it’s just highly unlikely. As per our previous report, DC Comic and the entire DC Extended Universe are becoming truly extended, and not just in the name only. The recently appointed CEO of DC Studios is currently making plans for various releases for the next ten years.

These will be complemented by other media releases such as television series and various event specials, mirroring exactly what MCU has been doing ever since the ending of Phase 3 and what Zack Snyder has previously tried to do — but WB didn’t let him. Well, the joke is on them since they’re doing exactly what they previously fought against, showing to the world just how much they lack any creative vision. However, there’s some novelty in WB’s approach to copying Marvel’s homework, and no, they’re still not bringing in Nicolas Cage as Superman.

For the first time in its competitive history, DCEU won’t copy MCU’s homework word-for-word, but it will also hone its competitive edge by including gaming releases in its universe, making every new gaming narrative officially canon. This is fantastic news, especially for the world of gaming, considering that the industry officially surpassed Hollywood in revenue more than a decade ago.

As for Superman, that role has returned to Henry Cavill, who’s sorely disappointed at what Netflix did to Geralt of Rivia for the Season 4 of The Witcher — so much so that the company cast another actor to replace him.

Fandom firmly believes that Cavill should be the main Superman of the DCEU, though stories were told about that role going to Michael B. Jordan. That could still happen, considering that Calvin Ellis, a Superman from Earth-23, resembles a human of African descent — this, along with Nicolas Cage as Superman retired, could be a nice addition to the expanding DCEU.