See Nicolas Cage’s Replacement In The National Treasure: Edge Of History Trailer

Check out who is replacing Nicolas Cage in the upcoming National Treasure series that's headed to Disney+ soon.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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With Comic-Con heating up this weekend we are about to treat to all sorts of first looks and reveals for upcoming projects. It’s one of the cooler time periods of the year especially when trying to get a handle on certain franchises and where they’ll be going in the future. One of them is the reboot of the National Treasure franchise which is coming in series form to Disney+. And this week we were able to see the first look at who would be taking over for Nicolas Cage when things kicked back up. We’ve known this story was going to take a turn with the new story and now we can actually see who is filling those shoes.

The trailer for National Treasure: Edge of History released and though it’s only about 20 seconds long, it was the first chance to see Lissette Alexis in the lead role. Sure, this was only a promotional teaser, meant to spark more excitement than anything else. But it’s clear the franchise is now going in a different direction from Nicolas Cage who starred in the first two movies. In the teaser we first see a shadow walking towards a bulletin board used by seemingly all mystery hunters and then some quick cuts to different artifacts and symbols before Alexis whips off the hat and we are treated to the goods. Check out teaser for National Treasure: Edge of History:

Lissette Alexis will play Jessica Morales in the series, a treasure hunter (like Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Franklin Gates) and DREAMer who is on the hunt to find out the secrets of her family’s past. And along the way, she’s going to uncover even darker secrets involving a lost treasure. The series will stream on Disney+ and Morales will be joined by a team trying to help her on her mission. There will be Tasha played by Zuri Reed, Oren played by Antonio Cipriano, Ethan played by Jordan Rodrigues, and Liam played by Jake Austin Walker. All have ties, in some way, to the treasure-hunting world and this will definitely be something of an ensemble when it comes to ultimately tracking down the mystery. Other members of the cast include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lyndon Smith. 

Nicolas Cage won’t be returning to this franchise in the series, at least not right away, but Justin Bartha is back in the mix as Riley Poole. In the movies, Poole was the team’s computer expert, critical in a number of the different stunts pulled off for the franchise. It’s unclear how big of a role he’ll have this time around.

The National Treasure franchise included the first movie and then National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Nicolas Cage and company totaled almost $800 million at the box office between those two romps through the world of historical artifacts. There was supposed to be a third movie, but that never came to fruition. Instead, we are getting Nicolas Cage replaced in this series. It’s unclear when it will hit the streamer but the best bet is sometime in 2023.