Nicolas Cage Dracula Movie Gets A Release Date

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

Nic Cage

It’s been more than three decades since Nicolas Cage played a vampire on the big screen, but he will be returning to the role soon enough with the plans for him to play the worst one of them all. Cage is set to play the role of Dracula in a movie that looks like it will be almost the perfect mix of horror and comedy, a wonderful intersection for the actor. Now, we are starting to round out some more details about the upcoming film with a specific release date having been announced. According to, the Nicholas Cage vampire more Renfield will hit screens on April 14th of next year. And from the early descriptions and concept, this could be a total winner. 

Renfield is based on the character from the original Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novel which was published all the way back in 1897. He is the lackey for the bloodsucking vampire and in the original novel is an inmate of a lunatic asylum. Essentially, the character becomes the righthand man for Dracula, helping him procure the dude’s next “meals” while also having a penchant for eating live animals himself, though he doesn’t have the vampire gene. He’s basically just a crazy servant with some really (really) weird habits. In this updated movie, Nicolas Cage will play Dracula, and Nicholas Hoult (Those Who Wish Me Dead, X-Men) will play the titular role of Renfield. 

This Nicolas Cage movie is being labeled a horror-comedy and the creative team really points to a fantastic film. In the director’s chair is the great Chris McKay who is fresh off The Tomorrow War and also helmed The Lego Batman Movie. And the original idea was a pitch from Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame. They’ve said that the movie will draw its comedic elements from Renfield figuring out just how bad it is to work for Dracula and how he eventually wants to go out and make a life for himself. But, of course, he’s a huge weirdo whose background is in blood and violence. So entering the modern world is going to be something of an uphill climb. 

nicolas cage

Joining Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult in Renfield are a few other notables. Awkwafina will play Rebecca Quincy, a traffic officer who becomes the object of Renfield’s eye. How far their love story is able to go, or just how he goes about courting her should be interesting. After all, this is a dude who eats live birds and rats in the original book. And then there is Ben Schwartz as a mobster, Shohreh Aghdashloo as a crime boss, and others. 

Nicolas Cage, for his part, continues to crank out as many movies as you’ll see among working actors in Hollywood. 2021 saw him in the critically acclaimed Pig which saw him up for a number of film critic awards. Plus, he was in the tongue-in-cheek horror film Willy’s Wonderland as a man trying to escape a demonic Chucky Cheese-type restaurant. So it’s kind of all on the table. Renfield feels like the perfect mix of what the actor does well.