NFL Is Making Its Own Exclusive Streaming Service?

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

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It seems that most companies are now trying to get into the business of creating streaming services. Where once there had only been YouTube and Netflix, those numbers have skyrocketed into many that include Paramount+, Disney+, Peacock, and so many more. Now the biggest name in sports is set to create its own streaming service designed for mobile platforms. The National Football League mostly known as the NFL is set up to launch NFL+ streaming, which will target game streams for mobile users. This new streaming in nature to what was being offered by Verizon and Yahoo, as deals for those companies saw games being live-streamed on laptops and mobile devices.

NFL+ is said to start at only $5 dollars a month, though that pricing is not set in stone just yet. That price could fluctuate depending on what other TV markets want to do about the games being shown on mobile devices rather than streaming via cable setups. There are rumors that podcasts, extra team content, and radio streams could also be attached to this new service. Another thing of note is that NFL+ streaming could be a nice complementary option for fans who don’t pay for a cable but are still given the local games on their respective TV channels. Current broadcast rules state that local TV must play regional games, so for only $5 dollars a month, fans might be treated to extra games to watch apart from their locally broadcasted ventures.

This new NFL+ streaming service is not going to be the same as the NFL Sunday Ticket, which offers all broadcast games apart from the local ones previously mentioned. It sounds as if this NFL+ streaming service is meant to offer only select games and not the amount that is provided for the price of the Sunday Ticket. The Sunday Ticket is also set to expire after this season, and both Amazon and Apple are aggressively dealing to attempt to take over. This is because the Sunday Ticket brings in over $2 billion every year in sales. Amazon already houses most of the Thursday Night Football games, so it could be wanting to branch out more by adding the Sunday Ticket. Both companies could be aiming to land the Sunday Ticket and find some way to blend it with the new NFL+. This is just speculation, but it could happen.

One of the most important events yearly is always the NFL Super Bowl, which brings in massive amounts of viewers. The NFL also received some huge viewership last season, which might amplify more during this upcoming season. This had led to massive renewals with Fox, Paramount, NBCUniversal, and Disney. Simply put, NFL is big business right now, and anyone who can land the Sunday Ticket or a partnership with this new NFL+ streaming service will be looking at some huge monetary gains.

NFL+ streaming may sound like a bit of overkill when it comes to the massive number of already existing streaming services, but honestly, $5 dollars a month is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. Though the service is aimed at mobile users, there is such a thing as casting mobile devices to TVs. Imagine being able to see your favorite teams play for only $5 dollars a month. We are definitely on board.