Reporter Broadcasting From Home Caught Cheating When Naked Co-worker Appears In Background

By Rick Gonzales | 1 year ago

Many out there, who are still working, have found solace in working from home. Businesses have made the transition to keep things going while performing the social distancing the world is requiring right now. That includes news broadcasters who have been forced to broadcast from their own homes. As a result, sometimes unexpected things show up in the background of broadcasts, with dire consequences.

The most dire of consequences happened to Alfonso Merlos who hosts a broadcast on the Spanish channel Estado de Alarma. He was in the middle of a report when a naked female woman can be seen walking through the background. That woman is his co-worker Alexia Rivas, and not his girlfriend Marta López, who is likely soon to be his ex-girlfriend.

Watch it happen in the not exactly safe for work video below…

Apparently Merlos and his girlfriend had only recently stopped quarantining together after an argument. But they weren’t broken up, Alfonso’s girlfriend was merely out of the house and, apparently, Alexia Rivas was in it naked.

News Reporter Broadcasts From Home Unaware Her Naked Husband Stands Behind Her

naked husband news reporter

Another news broadcast with a naked person in the background happened in state capital of California, Sacramento.

Their news channel, KCRA, was doing a segment they called “Hair Stylists Want to Work” and local reporter Melinda Meza was doing a live broadcast. The bit was a story about those beauty industry experts who have been put out of work and the everyday person who has been at home struggling to keep up their appearances. Near the end of the piece, Meza was getting ready to sheer off some bangs while telling viewers, “…so people won’t have to do this much longer.” The footage then cuts back to the live studio. If only it was that simple. Watch…

During Meza’s piece, well, there was another “piece” that can be seen. If you look carefully at the clip above, there is a reflection in the mirror. If you look even more closely, a naked leg can be seen in the shower. Turns out, that reflection and leg belong to Meza’s husband Mike de Lambert. And it won’t take a keen eye to realize the reflection of de Lambert is of him standing fully nude in the shower while his wife is live reporting from the bathroom. People complaining about the “junk” we see on TV now have a legit reason to complain.

How did this happen? How did IT get on TV (and no, we aren’t talking the Pennywise IT either!)? Well, it just so happened to be a bad (or good, depending on how one views IT) angle of mirror and shower door. Why he was in the shower during a live broadcast in the first place is a question only the two can answer and so far, Meza has remained mum. Both have gone radio silent. Not only has Meza remained quiet, but she also hasn’t posted the segment on her social media as she normally does.

This has led to MANY questions (as asked above) and speculations as some were seriously hoping it wasn’t her husband and she was caught, er, red-handed.

While the couple of 16 years has been quiet, the news station itself has been just as silent. Perhaps they are hoping this small (depending on your point of view) issue simply goes away. Let’s hope, for the time being, it doesn’t. We can all use a good laugh in this day and age where laughs are coming to us less and less. With fame being measured in length, time length that is, it’ll be fun to see just how long this new internet fame will last for Meza and her husband. Well, we think it’s her husband. It’s hard to identify the man without seeing his face.

Smile people! Check out the full video clip below!