A New Star Wars Jedi Series Is Coming On May The Fourth

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is a new cartoon aimed at preschoolers debuting on May the fourth.

By Mark McKee | Updated

May 4th has become somewhat of a national holiday (unrecognized as of now, but give it time) due to the Star Wars community dubbing it “May the Fourth” as a play on “May the Force be with you.” For years, big Star Wars celebrations and social media events have kicked off that day and typically go on until the following day, Revenge of the Fifth (because why not?). According to StarWars.com, Disney+ is jumping in on the action by releasing a new animated series set in the Star Wars Universe, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, on May 4 of this year. 

According to the report, Disney and Lucasfilm announced today that the new animated series aimed at a younger audience of Star Wars fans will premiere on Disney+. Not only will the series stream on the central streaming platform, but it will also get to stream on its sister platform, Disney+ Junior, allowing fans of all ages to take in this new era of Star Wars characters. The decision to release it on May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, is the perfect way to celebrate the unofficial holiday. 

The series is set before the Skywalker Saga films’ events, during the Jedi Order’s height in a time known as the High Republic. It will follow three Jedi younglings as they traverse the galaxy helping people and creatures in need while navigating their Jedi training from Master Yoda, learning valuable lessons along the way. Of course, we are bound to see some of our favorite characters from the Expanded Universe to keep older Star Wars generations interested; the storyline is primarily focused on five main characters. 

Yoda and the rest of the cast in Young Jedi Adventures

The three Jedi younglings the storylines of Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures will focus on include Nash Durango, played by Emma Berman (Superkitties and Luca), Kai Brightstar, played by Jamaal Avery Jr. (Her Only Choice and Abbott Elementary), and Lys Solay, played by Juliet Donenfeld (Gabby’s Dollhouse and Pete the Cat). The other two characters joining them on the adventures are Nubs, played by Dee Bradley Baker (Space Jam and Batman: Arkham Knight), and RJ-83, played by Jonathan Lipow (Star Wars: The Bad Batch and God of War: Ragnorak). Finally, they would get nowhere without the wise guidance of Master Yoda, played by Piotr Michael (Lightyear and Hogwarts Legacy). 

James Waugh, the executive producer and senior vice president of Franchise Content & Strategy at Lucasfilm, states that Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures is the first ever series in the galaxy far, far away geared towards preschoolers. He revealed the goal was to introduce these young children to the wide world of Star Wars in a way that would get them excited about the bigger and better things they would experience in the films and TV series made for older children and adults. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean Star Wars fans of all ages won’t set out to experience the series. Come May the Fourth, you can bet that preschoolers will sit down with their parents to watch the Jedi younglings traverse the skies. Each with an equal amount of interest and excitement.