See The First Look At The Brand New Spider-Man

Take a look at the new Spider-Man we are going to see in a couple of years. How will this work into the current MCU?

By Doug Norrie | Published


This past weekend’s Comic-Con was a hotbed of new reveals and upcoming projects for some of the major studios out there. It’s always an exciting time to get a glimpse at what’s to come in the biggest franchises and hear about plans moving forward. In that vein, we did get to see the first look at one of Disney+’s more anticipated series when, during Marvel’s panel, they revealed images of Spider-Man: Freshman Year and how an animated version of this Peter Parker will shake out on the small screen. And not only that, but they gave a sense of what could be at the heart of the story and some other characters who will be in the mix.

The Spider-Man: Freshman Year images presented by Marvel (via The Direct) were the first look at how they envision Peter Parker in an animated version and the plan was, supposedly, to bring Tom Holland back to voice the part for the series (though that isn’t confirmed, and might not happen). It’s not exactly a spitting image of what we saw on screen, but he looks the part. And, of course, there were also shots of the Spider-Man suit, a stripped-down version for the character considering these are his early days of crimefighting. The suit has a very amateurish feel to it with the mask and get-up more resembling pajamas with some general teenage stylings over it. This is akin to what we saw from the character when Tony Stark first confronts him in Captain America: Civil War. Check it out:

There were other pieces added to the Spider-Man: Freshman Year puzzle that have helped shine some light (maybe) on where this new animated series will fall within the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. Originally, it was expected that this series would tie directly into the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy and just act as a prequel to that and when we first met Holland’s Peter Parker in Civil War. It made sense from the title and seeing as how even the name fits into the overall frame. But now, that’s looking like it might not be the case.

While Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be an origin story, the other characters revealed give the sense that this could be a different version of the character, a Multiverse addition possibly. For starters, the first looks for Peter Parker’s friends don’t include Ned which wouldn’t make any sense in the framework of the MCU version. We know the two were friends when Peter was bit by the spider. And the list of villains makes it appear that Peter faced some canon Spider-Man foes before getting teamed up with the Avengers. Plus, Daredevil and Doctor Strange are included which also really wouldn’t line up with what Marvel has done. Check it out:

So, while this new story looks like it could be a great addition to the lineup on Disney+, one could venture a guess that Spider-Man: Freshman Year will sit on its own in the MCU. That’s how the new images and reveals would have you think at least. With a 2024 release date on the streamer, we have plenty of time to sort out some of this new Spider-Man story.