New Slate Of DC Movies Will Draw From The Best Inspiration

James Gunn has revealed that animated shows like Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited inspired the new universe.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Good news for fans of the DC Animated Universe — James Gunn is one of us. Twitter user Mr. K recently took to the social media platform to ask Gunn if he would be taking inspiration from fan-favorite DC animated series for his upcoming DC movies, to which Gunn replied “Definitely.” There’s not much room for interpretation there, which sounds like good news for the live-action DCU.

Although DC movies have been a bit of a mess, with more misses than hits, the animated universe ranged from consistently good to fantastic. Shows like Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series, and Young Justice are critically acclaimed and have massive fanbases. The same goes for animated films like Batman: Mask. of the Phantasm and The Flashpoint Paradox.

If James Gunn is able to capture some of that same magic in live-action DC movies, then fans will certainly be in for a treat. Many have already taken solace in the fact that James Gunn will be leading the charge for DC going forward, but this is sure to only bolster their faith in him. Undoubtedly, opinions will be solidified or changed when Gunn announces more of his plans at the start of the new year.

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Huntress on Justice League Unlimited

James Gunn has revealed some of his plans for upcoming DC movies, so we do have some idea of what direction he and Peter Safran are heading. For one, we know that Matt Reeves will get to continue making a Batman universe with Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, though it won’t be connected to the mainline DC universe. This means we’ll likely be seeing a new actor take on the role of Bruce Wayne for Gunn’s connected DCU.

James Gunn also gave fans some bad news about upcoming DC movie plans. Namely, the fact that Henry Cavill would not be returning to the Superman role anytime soon and that they were wanting to do a younger version of the character. While this could turn out to be a great decision, fans were still disappointed Cavill only got brief moments to embody the role as it was meant to be played.

Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson may also be casualties of Gunn’s plans for upcoming DC movies, with Wonder Woman 3 and any future Black Adam projects tabled for the time being. It looks like Gunn is wanting to press the reset button pretty hard. If this is the case, we may not see many of the current castings of the DCU survive the new plan.

However, there are still some previously planned DC movies that are making the cut. Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Blue Beetle, and The Flash are all still on the docket. Rumors indicate that The Flash’s multiverse adventure will give Gunn the chance to do his hard reset in-universe.

Of course, James Gunn is also keeping his The Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker going for another season. As for his other DC movie plans, we’ll just have to wait and see what he announced in the new year. If he sticks to the vision he has planned, the DCU might just be able to live up to the quality of the DC Animated Universe.