Netflix’s #1 New Series Has A Brutal Rotten Tomatoes Score

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

Is It Cake? is now the #1 show on Netflix. While you might be mulling around what the title of the show signifies, it is just that. The show brings on celebrity guests, normal contestants, and acts as a sort of cooking show competition and guessing game show all in one. The premise is quite simple. Masterful cake makers do their job by creating the most life-like looking cakes and it is up to the contestants to attempt to decipher if the life-like object they are looking at is the actual item it portrays or an astounding looking cake. The chefs attempt to trick the contestants as they battle it out for the $50,000 grand prize. While it sure sounds like a lot of fun, the Rotten Tomatoes audience is horrendous. It currently sits at 20%. You can see the trailer for the show below:

The brutal audience score is a bit odd considering Is It Cake? is sitting in the #1 spot for Netflix. A terrible Rotten Tomatoes score doesn’t always tell the right story. Sometimes things that are just mindless entertainment, are often the most viewed programs on the planet. Take Keeping up with the Kardashians, for instance. Anyway, Floor is Lava is another hit Netflix show that found its way to being #1 for quite some time. That show also has a very poor 25% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, though both of these shows have poor ratings on a rating website, they both sat at #1. I would say Floor is Lava was much more entertaining in that contestants often got hurt in their attempt to win money, instead of just choosing which item is a cake or not, but that’s just me.

The show was started based on a meme that gained massive popularity which saw people doing the same exact thing. There would be two identical items side by side and it was up to the public to decide which of them was a cake. Though the premise might seem simple in nature, some of those cakes are fiendishly deceiving. Is This Cake? currently has eight episodes on Netflix, and all are under 40 minutes long each. Mikey Day is the host of the cooking and guessing game show. Day is most known for being a writer and cast member on the current run of Saturday Night Live. This is certainly a much different change of pace for the actor. The man is holding a machete in most of the above trailer as he slices through the life-like-looking cake concoctions.

Is it cake netflix

Game shows are certainly one of the more fun sources of entertainment on television, as it gives viewers the opportunity to see how others react in high-stress situations. The other great aspect is that we are allowed to turn off our brains for a moment and just follow along with somewhat simple premises. Though there are plenty of game shows that take a ton of concentration and brain power, Is it Cake? is surely not one of those. All one must do is guess right. But again, though that sounds like a simple task in nature, it is quite difficult. Some of the cakes in question are that of a fast-food meal, rubber ducky, sneakers, a bowling ball, and much more. Audiences might be rating the game show poorly right now, but it could mean they are getting frustrated with their own issues at choosing the right answer in the show. We get it, these things can be frustrating.

Is It Cake? is currently streaming on Netflix and sits in the #1 spot for television shows. Much like Floor is Lava, it is likely to be talked about for months on end, despite audiences trashing the show on Rotten Tomatoes and other rating-based websites. Though there is no plan right now to cancel or renew the show, the fact that it is currently #1 on the streaming platform might signify that we will see more of this cooking competition soon. Should it be picked up for a second season, expect to see that season air sometime in late 2023. Cooking shows generally do well on Netflix, so expect it to be picked up for an additional season very soon.