New Girl Is Leaving Netflix, Here’s Where To Stream Zooey Deschanel’s Popular Sitcom

New Girl is leaving Netflix after 10-years and will be available to stream on Hulu and Peacock starting on April 17th.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

As a sign of the ever-changing nature of streaming shows, New Girl‘s long tenure on Netflix has come to an end. Deadline reports that, after 10 years of being exclusively available on the platform, all 146 episodes will be transferred to rival streaming services Hulu and Peacock on April 17. 

With films and shows switching platforms every few months, it’s usually not big news when an individual show departs from a streaming platform. But New Girl has been on Netflix for about a decade after the streaming giant secured the rights to the then-still-airing sitcom back in 2013. It remained on Netflix through the series finale in 2018 and stuck around there for another five years before this recent move. 

New Girl was produced by Fox, meaning that Disney‘s 2019 purchase of Fox gave it the rights to the show. As such, it was practically inevitable that the show would be removed from Netflix and taken to a Disney-owned platform. Since Disney is the majority shareholder of Hulu, moving New Girl there seems like an obvious choice.

Less obvious is the reason that New Girl will also appear on Peacock, the NBC-owned streaming service. Disney has recently shown a willingness to give competing companies non-exclusive rights to its shows, as seen by the mockumentary sitcom Abbot Elementary‘s appearance on rival HBO Max. While the exact details of the current shared agreement have not been made public, Disney has undoubtedly found a way to benefit from sharing its series. 

The critically-acclaimed sitcom stars 500 Days of Summer actress Zooey Deschanel as teacher Jessica Day, the titular “New Girl” who moves in with three men after catching her boyfriend cheating on her. The show’s seven seasons followed the characters’ relationships with each other and the outside world, exploring themes of friendship, love, and personal growth with often-comedic results. The show was nominated for multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, though it never won any.

megan fox
Jake Johnson and Megan Fox on New Girl

New Girl is hardly the first Disney-owned show to leave Netflix for the former’s streaming services. Most famously, all of Disney’s Marvel shows were canceled soon after Disney launched its own platform and eventually found their way to Disney+ when their Netflix contract was up. Other shows have been transferred from Netflix to Disney-owned Hulu in recent years, including American Horror Story, American Crime StoryPose, and Arrested Development. 

For those who are only subscribed to Netflix and will miss New Girl when it leaves, you can still enjoy some of the stars’ performances on Netflix-owned series. Jake Johnson, who played Nick Miller, stars in four Netflix exclusive series: Hoops, Win it All, Easy, and Lost Ollie. Lamorne Morris, who played Winston Bishop, appears in Netflix’s Sandy Wexler and The Christmas Chronicles.

Unfortunately for fans of New Girl’s leading lady, Zooey Deschanel does not appear in any Netflix original series. However, you can still find her performances on Netflix in Trolls and Trolls Holiday after New Girl disappears. If you want to see her in a live-action performance, however, you’re out of luck.