New Batwoman Suit Revealed In First Look Photos

Batwoman news is heating up with The CW show going through a number of significant changes heading into its second season.

By Doug Norrie | Published

Batwoman news is heating up with The CW show going through a number of significant changes heading into its second season. The most recent piece to drop is our first look at the new Batwoman suit that will hit the small screen. Here it is…

Batwoman suit

Batwoman has had an interesting timeline since coming on to The CW back in 2019. It joined the Arrowverse thread, following the Kate Kane version of the character who was first introduced in print back in 2005. Reviews of the show were overwhelmingly positive, scoring 80% on the Tomatometer with critics praising a number of different aspects including the action sets, diverse casting, and having Kane’s sexual orientation as a theme but by no means the crux on which the show focused. 

Which is why it was all the more surprising when Ruby Rose, who plays Kane, announced she was leaving The Batwoman back in May. During the height of the pandemic and uncertainty around when anything could begin filming again led some to speculate that’s why she walked away. But Rose recently detailed how part of the decision to exit the show and the character was around having sustained on-set injuries to her back while filming. 

This move led to a recasting of the Batwoman character moving into Season 2. In July, it was announced Javicia Leslie would don the cowl and become the first black actress to play Batwoman on screen. She’d previously played Paris Duncan on BET’s The Family Business. This would be her first chance to star in her own show. 

Here’s Javicia Leslie as Batwoman side by side with the old Ruby Rose version…

The Batwoman series will keep some things the same from Season 1, while implementing a number of other changes. Leslie will play Ryan Wilder, a character new to the DC Universe who will be put into print shortly. Like Kate Kane, Wilder is a lesbian and will represent the LGBTQ community. 

From this same news, we learn that while Wilder will have the same suit as Kane through the beginning part of the season, there’s a definitive shift as she becomes more comfortable as the character. Unlike the Kane character who donned a red wig that flowed out of the cowl (by way of disguise) Wilder’s character maintains her natural hair. But other changes will occur including the overall fit and edge linings.

These moves were meant to keep some overlap with the original character as they transition to a totally new actress/ story but also to ensure Leslie as Wilder had a chance to bring her own look to the table as Batwoman pivots away from Season 1. Though it’s worth noting that while Leslie is a new (and pretty damn important) addition to the cast, many of the same faces will continue on from Season 1.

If the new suit is any indication, Wilder may come into her role as Batwoman unexpectedly and is forced to learn the crime-fighting and alter ego piece on the fly. Speculation is that she finds the suit originally but then alters it later, it stands to reason this move was by circumstance more than anything else. 

We are getting these new images on the heels of Batwoman Season 2 beginning filming back in late September. That puts the show on track to release in January 2021 on Sundays. Meanwhile it seems Robert Pattinson is having trouble fitting into his Batsuit. This may end up being the better batfashion.