Netflix’s Most Popular Series Is Getting A Spinoff

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

bridgerton season 2

These days when a streaming platform (or really anywhere) stumbles on a  hit show or movie, rest assured it’s not going to be one and done. In fact, it will be quite the opposite. Once a studio figures out a fanbase likes something, prepare to have every iteration of every story in that world mined and explored. It’s just the way of the content world now and Netflix is in that game. That’s why it isn’t surprising to know they are giving one of their big series a spin-off. Movie Web is reporting that we are going to get even more stories in the Bridgerton world. 

This next series from Netflix taking place in the world of the Bridgerton franchise will be around Queen Charlotte and her role in this world. From the reporting, it looks like Golda Rosheuvel will reprise her role from the original series’ first season and will now take the lead. That being said, this story also looks like it will be something of an “origin” story for the character so there’s a good chance we see a younger version cast as well. We got a sense of how the show wanted to take this character from the first season, having her in the rumor mill mix and up to her own plotting along the way. 

If Netflix were to take the show in a younger direction for the main characters and make sure it wasn’t overlapping with the current Bridgeton storylines then we are likely to see younger versions of Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the titular family as well as Adjoe Andoh’s Lady Danbury. The new series, which reportedly will run in a limited fashion, could give some insight into the world-building around these characters and how it affects their standing and relationships later on. 

netflix bridgerton queen charlotte

Of course, Netflix taking on the story of Queen Charlotte in this Bridgerton spinoff is in no way meant to be a historical drama in any sense. This entire world is highly fictionalized with the recasting of different characters and also telling its own story within a broader historical context. This isn’t history class folks and shouldn’t be treated as such. Though Queen Charlotte was, in fact, a real person this is meant to tell her story within the world Bridgerton has created, not something taken from primary source material. 

Bridgerton was a massive hit for Netflix when it first came out last year. Based on the novel series by Julia Quinn, it tells the story of the Bridgerton family in their quest to have the children find spouses in this early-19th century setting. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes has the magic touch with these kinds of programs and series creator Chris Van Dussen brought a whole world that viewers love. The streaming numbers for Netflix were off the charts with the show. It topped 80 million views for the platform in its first 30 days and when it was all said and done ranked as the most-watched original series ever for Netflix. There was no doubt we were getting more to this story. 


And in addition to this Bridgerton spinoff, there’s a Season 2 on the way as well. This one will follow similar arcs to the first, detailing the search for love among the main character. It will follow the events of Quinn’s second book The Viscount Who Loved Me. Season 1 star Rege-Jean Page won’t be returning as Simon Bassett, paving the way for Jonathan Bailey’s Antony to take the lead. It should be another great season in a world that only continues to grow.