Netflix Subscribers Want The Company To Stop Doing One Irritating Thing With TV Seasons

According to a new report, Netflix subscribers are tired of the streamer splitting the season releases of its popular original TV series.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

stranger things

When you want to get lost in your favorite series for hours, you go to Netflix. Over the years, the streaming platform has become synonymous with binge-worthy content, however, recently the service has been splitting up the release of some series and fans are not happy about it, according to Yahoo Entertainment. While fans have gotten used to whole-season drops like with Outer Banks, now many popular series such as You and Stranger Things have been released in parts, making for a less-than-stellar viewing experience. 

After decades of having to watch shows released on network TV one episode a week, Netflix’s binge model hit the world by storm. Fans finally didn’t have to wait for an entire week to be able to see what came after an episode’s cliffhanger ending. Now viewers could spend a day binging their favorite shows and enjoy the story over a short period of time, giving them a more immersive experience. 

Many competing platforms, such as Hulu, Apple TV+, and Disney+ opted for a weekly release schedule, making Netflix one of the only places fans could go to watch an entire season in a single day. However, lately, Netflix has been interrupting binge-watchers as they have begun releasing more and more series in a split format where part of a season will be released all at once, and then later the rest is dropped.

The major drawbacks of this format were exposed when Netflix decided to split up the hit thriller series You’s latest season. While the first five episodes dropped in early February, the rest of the season came in March. The creators of the show did not intend for there to be a division, which for many viewers led to a disjointed viewing experience. 

The psychological thriller You is a riveting story that holds an audience captivated to the very end. Because of that it is particularly well-suited for binge-watching. The split release, unfortunately, took a lot of the impact out of the season’s second half, leaving fans disappointed by Netflix’s decision. 

Penn Badgley in Netflix’s You

Recently, the platform has been facing declining popularity. While Netflix was revolutionary when it first offered streaming services in 2007, it is now just one of many platforms subscribers get to choose from. This has led to the service experimenting to find out what works best for them today.

Netflix has recently begun switching up how they release content with some shows being dropped as entire seasons like Outer Banks and Dhamer, while others must deal with the dreaded split-release. There are pros and cons to each method for releasing shows.

For instance, The Last Of Us, Euphoria, and The White Lotus have all been released one episode at a time. This helped drum up anticipation for each new episode and kept viewers engaged. It also allowed fans a communal viewing experience as people didn’t have to worry about spoilers on the internet as long as they kept up with the show’s release. 

For fans, this switch-up feels like Netflix is losing touch with what made it so popular in the first place. For a service that revolutionized how viewers consume shows with the binge model, now many fans are forced to take a step back to enjoying their favorite series in segments.