The Most Popular Show On Netflix Is A Sex Fantasy Series Critics Hate

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

netflix sex life

The most popular television series on Netflix right now might not be something you would expect but could also speak to what the streaming audience even more of these days. Even though critics seem to hate the program, fans are more than happy to tune in. According to FlixPatrol, Sex/Life is sitting at the top of the charts for the streamer, pointing to what viewers are wanting even more of these days. 

Sex/Life definitely has that vapid, steamy erotic thriller vibe to it which doesn’t lend itself too much in the way of story, but a lot in the way of hyper-charged romance and sexual maneuverings. It doesn’t look like anyone thought all that long and hard about the plot, but that wasn’t really the point anyway. It is a story of a married-with-children housewife who suddenly finds an irresistible ex-boyfriend back in the mix. Check out what I mean in the trailer for Sex/Life on Netflix:

With scene-stealing lines like “I’m questioning everything“ and “The sex sucks“, who couldn’t fall in love with this Netflix show right away? Sarah Shahi plays Billie Connelly who thinks she has her whole entire life put together and figured out with a loving husband (Mike Vogel), some wonderful kids, and a nice pad to crash at night. But that is all upended when an ex, Adam Demos, enters the picture again, conjuring up memories of the crazy times they used to have in the sack. 

From here, Netflix embarks us on the story of how Billie attempts to reconcile the loving, but considerably boring, feelings she has for her husband with the intoxicating call from the ex who just wants to hop back in bed. Is her psychologist going to be of help here? Unlikely based on the look of things. And this newfound realization that she has been tamping down significant sexual energy over the years leads to a completely unrealistic set of circumstances for her and everyone else around her. Namely: it kind of looks like everyone is now into doing just about anything. 

Though the Netflix audience is all over Sex/ Life, critics have predictably panned it. It is sitting at just 23% on Rotten Tomatoes through only 22 reviews. So not only did most see it as pretty silly, most folks on the critical side didn’t bother tuning in at all. And along those lines, though it is doing well in its streaming numbers, the Rotten Tomato audience score is only 34%. Again, critical and audience consensus isn’t always a 1:1 with how a show or movie will do in terms of actual eyeballs or dollars. It isn’t a precise science in that way. Silly programs have a place in our world for sure. 

netflix sex life

Sex/Life was released on Netflix back in late June for an eight-episode run. It is currently unclear if they are planning on renewing it for another season, a chance to get back into the sheets in a glitzy world of sexual fantasy. One can only hope so for the headlines alone.