Netflix Is Developing A Series About A Real-Life Hollywood Medium

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago


Tyler Henry, a real-life medium, will be getting his own Netflix series, which is set to premiere in March 2022. The world of the paranormal or individuals with psychic abilities has been a certain point of intrigue for a lot of viewers over the years. There have been other shows on that spectrum such as the reality series titled Long Island Medium, which also follows the life and work of a real-life medium. Tyler Henry has previously appeared on the show Hollywood Medium, and is now making the transition to a Netflix series that continues to focus on his work. The name of the series is Life After Death and is set to premiere on March 11th. 

Tyler Henry previously starred in the E! series Hollywood Medium for a total of four seasons. His work has had a large impact on viewers and individuals throughout the world. Henry holds his own tours where he has Q and A sessions and also gives live readings. The Netflix reality series starring the popular medium will continue to reveal his job to a new audience on the streaming service.

According to TV Insider, the description of the new Netflix show states, “After years of being Hollywood’s go-to medium, Tyler heads out across the country to offer readings to as many of the people on his waiting list as he can, bringing them the hope, healing and closure they are seeking.” The description also stated that Henry has an extremely large waiting list, with around 300,000 people on it. That is definitely not just a mere little list. His work has a large effect on people’s lives, hence why so many people are willing to wait to have the chance to receive the help they need from Tyler Henry. 


Tyler Henry also expressed his joy to be able to be a part of Netflix while simultaneously continuing to pursue his unique line of work. According to Deadline, the medium said, “I am so excited and grateful for this show. It has given me the opportunity to bring answers and healing to so many people around the country. It allowed me to truly change people’s lives.” The Netflix series will not only follow Henry as he travels around the country to reach out and help people, but it will also look into his own past.

So, when did Henry discover his special talent, and how did he become a go-to medium for celebrities in the world’s biggest entertainment industry? The medium and celebrity discovered his abilities when he was only 10 years old. After that, he began to utilize his gift which has led to him helping people to the best of his ability. On Hollywood Medium, Henry did readings for a list of celebrities. In an interview with KTLA, the medium stated that his favorite celebrity to work with was RuPaul. “He was so down-to-earth and so fun,” Henry said. Now, in the Netflix series, Tyler Henry will step away from sunny Los Angeles and move on to different parts of the country. 

Netflix is one of the top streaming platforms out there in this big, big world. The company has added things such as games and is also in talks with other celebrities to join in on projects. With Tyler Henry’s success on Hollywood Medium, there is no doubt he will continue to touch people’s hearts with his readings to bring them the hope and healing that they need. We will soon be able to see his work and unique gift in action on March 11th.