Harry & Meghan Netflix Docuseries Accused Of Faking Footage

By Britta DeVore | Published

netflix harry meghan

Just a few weeks after the highly anticipated and much talked about fifth season of The Crown was released, Netflix announced their plans to drop a docuseries titled Harry & Meghan, a project that promises to pull back the curtain on the couple who have been at the head of Royal Family scandal over the past few years. After two separate trailers, which you can see above and below, hit the airwaves earlier this week, UK media outlets had a field day drawing attention to inconsistencies that are proving to cast a dark light on the truth behind the production. From allegedly planted photographers to mixing up event dates to play up the drama, the ex-royal couple is being put on blast for the possibly misleading information. 

Veteran royal commentator, Robert Jobson, referred to one shot in Netflix’s Harry & Meghan as a “complete travesty” after insinuating that the couple had planted a photographer to make it look like a paparazzi was harassing them on a day out. Jobson says that the clip was actually filmed while the couple was enjoying a day at Archbishop Tutu’s home in Cape Town, a place to which only a handful of journalists were given access. To make matters worse, those allowed in would’ve been given clearance by the couple themselves, leading to a social media frenzy with even Piers Morgan chirping in via his Twitter account in a tweet which you can see below. 

For a couple who’s been so much a part of the public eye like the ex-royals, one would think that the production would have a team pouring over the shots, meticulously combing them for the slightest inconsistency to avoid scrutiny. Unfortunately for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, this just doesn’t seem to be the case. As was confirmed by Deadline, several of the other stills and shots in question come from a place and time either before the duo were a couple, or from events that didn’t involve them in any way.

During a dramatic moment in one of the trailers for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, the Duke of Sussex’s voice can be heard saying “I had to do everything I could to protect my family” while audiences see a flurry of paparazzi take a position to get their shots. The intense moment was later debunked to be at the ultra-busy night of the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Two other shots that play up the crowd’s allegedly threatening presence to Harry and Meghan were proven to be taken from Katie Price’s arrival at a Court in London last December, with the other portraying coverage of Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen being assaulted by the paparazzi. 

For those who have never quite believed the traumatizing stories of hardship told by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the hotly debated shots will certainly put a damper on the legitimacy of any claims made in the docuseries. But, judging by America’s obsession with the Royal Family, it’s our guess that Netflix’s latest doc project will still be a massive success, especially piggybacking off The Crown’s fifth season which delved into the final year of Princess Diana’s life. You can catch the trailers for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan above and tune in when the first part lands on the streamer on December 8 with the conclusion to follow on December 15.