How To Find Netflix’s Hidden Halloween Categories

There is now a way to slice and dice up your streaming content with Netflix Halloween movies and series broken into different categories

By Doug Norrie | Published

netflix halloween

With the end of October right around the corner, that means we are gearing up for the spookiest holiday of all, Mischief Night. And then right behind it, Halloween. What a one-two punch. In honor of the holiday, and the plethora of content meant to scare the bejeezus out of viewers, we have some ways to search for Netflix Halloween content on the platform. Sometimes it can seem like whatever is on the front page of your Netflix account is the entirety of what there is to offer on the streamer. But that is far from the case. There are thousands of titles and you just need a way to begin parsing them out on your own. Good thing we have some of the codes here for you. 

Courtesy of What’s on Netflix, we now have a much better scope of what the Netflix Halloween content looks like. There are certain codes out there to help delineate what you can see where. Sometimes, location matters on this kind of thing with different content available in different countries, but this is a good starting point for sure. Slice and dice it in every different kind of way with Netflix Halloween series and movies. 

The best way to look for Netflix Halloween content is to start with code 108663. Going to the website and then being sure to add /browse/genre/108663 one is going to find a list of tried and true favorites and classics on the platform in both movies and series form. Not all line up exactly with the holiday, but are meant to just trend a little more on the horror side. There are, of course, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Supernatural on the series side with movies like Hubie Halloween, The Haunting of Hill House, and the brand new, Megan Fox vampire vehicle Night Teeth there as well.

But if you want your Netflix Halloween content sliced a little thinner, there are plenty of ways to do that as well. Looking for a little holiday fare good for the whole family? That’s easy, just hit up code 81346195 and find titles like Nightbooks, Super Monsters, Scaredy Cats, ParaNomrman, Monster House, and Goosebumps. This list trends a little younger though a little younger for sure. It’s going for a more family-friendly approach to the holiday. 

Looking to grip the armrest a little tighter? No problem. That’s going to be 8711 which has all of the horror films you can sink your proverbial teeth into. The Exorcist, The Cave, The Conjuring 2, Underworld, The Strangers, Winchester, No One Gets Out Alive, and There’s Someone Inside Your House all fit the bill here.

Again, these are just a small sampling of what is offered for Netflix Halloween content across the streamer. If you know how to search then you can take it a number of other different ways. Search for B-Horror Films, Dark Fantasy TV Shows, Revenge Films, Slasher and Serial Killer Films, Experimental Horror Movies, or all kinds of other categories. Heck, even break it down by zombie, vampire, or werewolf. Netflix Halloween has you covered for just about anything your sick mind craves.