Netflix Just Released A Trailer For A Fake Movie

By Britta DeVore | 2 months ago

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The pranksters at Netflix are at it again. One month ahead of April Fools’ Day, the streamer pulled a “got’cha” for anyone following their social media accounts in the form of a fake-out trailer. Surprisingly, it might not be at all obvious that it’s a fake.

You can see the trailer from Netflix below.

Opening on a snowy mountain peak, the teaser’s first moments cut through some clouds to reveal a group of explorers scaling the rocky side. Struggling along, the party makes their way up the face of a cliff without any equipment. It’s right at this moment that we start to see some familiar faces coming into focus. Taking front and center are Leslie Mann and Keegan-Michael Key who quickly catch our attention. But, if you stay put for just a few more seconds, the trailer descends into confusing madness as we are presented with dinosaurs of all sizes assaulting the Everest climbing crew. Finally, the film’s title, Cliff Beasts 6 comes onto the screen and we are wondering when we can expect our new favorite movie to land on the platform. 

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If you were looking forward to it just as much as we were, we hate to break it to you, but it looks like this was just a bit of publicity for Judd Apatow’s soon-to-be-released Netflix film, The Bubble. Our two biggest clues that led us to this belief are within the upcoming feature’s plot as well as its cast. We know for a fact that both Leslie Mann and Keegan-Michael Key, two of the featured characters in the faux trailer, are set to star in The Bubble. Along with them is an absolutely stacked roster, which includes the likes of Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, David Duchovny, Pedro Pascal, Peter Serafinowicz, Rob Delaney, Iris Apatow, and Maria Bakalova. While the rest of the lineup couldn’t be spotted in the Cliff Beasts 6 trailer, we are still thinking it’s no coincidence that Key and Mann were both given closeups. 

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Though much of its plot is being kept tightly under wraps, we do know that Netflix’s comedy The Bubble will center its story on a film crew trying to navigate the world of movie creation during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this very tiny synopsis, we are willing to wager that the film being shot in The Bubble is Cliff Beasts 6. At the very end of the trailer, the date April 1 appears on the screen to announce the fakeout flick’s release date. Whether this plays up the gag, alluding to April Fools’ Day, or if we can actually expect Apatow to drop The Bubble on the first of April stands to be seen. As of right now, there hasn’t been a premiere date set, or even a real trailer, so it’s really anyone’s guess. 

Pairing up with Pam Brady (Lady Dynamite) to pen The Bubble, Apatow and his cast of all-star talent began filming last year in the UK. A two-time Emmy Award winner, Judd Apatow has produced and directed countless fan-favorite comedies over the years including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, This Is 40, and, most recently, The King of Staten Island. Taking his talents to Netflix for his latest project, the irony isn’t lost on us that we can watch the film about a group quarantining together from the comfort of our own at-home-bubble. Check out the trailer for Cliff Beasts 6 and see what you think about Apatow and Netflix’s latest marketing strategy.