New Netflix Must See Documentary Exposes Terrifying Social Media Cult

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

dancing for the devil

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is a new three-part documentary on Netflix that tells the unsettling true story of a group of dancers who were unknowingly drawn into a cult. Masquerading as a talent agency called 7M, the organization is owned by Pastor Robert Shinn of the Shekinah Church. Directed by Derek Doneen, the series premiered on May 29.

Two Pairs Of Sisters

The series chronicles the experiences of two pairs of sisters who were involved with Robert Shinn. Influencers Melanie Wilking and Miranda Derrick (formerly Wilking), along with Melanie and Priscylla Lee, are central to the Dancing for the Devil series.

The Lee sisters met Shinn after joining his church in 1999 as young Korean immigrants. They eventually moved into a house with other members.


Shinn established 7M in 2021, and the distinction between his church and the talent agency has always been ambiguous. In 2022, Melanie Wilking and her parents highlighted the darker aspects of 7M during a 40-minute Instagram Live session. They attempted to reach out to Miranda, stating they had lost contact with her for years.


In Dancing for the Devil, the family emotionally recounts how Miranda joined the religious organization in late 2019 and was instructed to sever ties with them.

The series also details the dancers’ harrowing experiences at 7M, which included manipulation and financial exploitation under the guise of religious and professional promises.

Robert Shinn’s Shekinah Church, featured in Dancing for the Devil, is based in Los Angeles. It began as a small congregation with around 15 members, including his family.

Over time, Shinn expanded his ventures, establishing several businesses staffed by church members who were allegedly underpaid for their 12-hour work shifts.


Following an unsuccessful stint as a Hollywood executive producer, Shinn pivoted to creating 7M Films, a talent management company.

He recruited dancers from social media, seeing them as a new revenue stream. Under Shinn’s management, these dancers secured high-profile gigs, such as commercials and appearances at Los Angeles Clippers games.

Shinn continued to lead his congregation, which included many of his clients, often boasting about them during sermons. Dancing for the Devil reveals how influencers sought Shinn’s approval by demonstrating their dedication to his cause.

The documentary also delves into Shinn’s most controversial leadership practices, which include allegations of sexual and emotional abuse.

Positive Reception

The Netflix series features testimonies from several former 7M members and their families, aiming to expose these sinister tactics and rescue their loved ones from the cult’s grip.

The response to Dancing for the Devil has been generally positive, with many finding the story shocking and compelling. Critics have praised the series for its in-depth look into the emotional toll on the victims and their families.

Shinn, 7M, and Shekinah Church did not participate in Dancing for the Devil. Despite ongoing allegations, Shinn has not faced formal criminal charges related to 7M and continues to produce content.  

Shinn has filed a defamation and trade libel suit against former church members, who have counter-sued for fraud, forced labor, human trafficking, and sexual battery. The lawsuit will go to trial in July 2025.