Netflix Blockbuster Series Is Getting Intense One-Sided Reactions

The new Netflix Blockbuster series is being torn apart from banking solely on nostalgia and not humor.

By James Brizuela | Published

Remember Blockbuster? Most of us that grew up in the early 1990s sure do, and Netflix is attempting to cash in on that by releasing a series about it. However, the nostalgia of renting movies on a Friday night is clearly not enough for the series to be a success, as the Netflix Blockbuster show is being torn apart by everyone. The series currently holds a poor Rotten Tomatoes 14% critic approval rating, with a 57% audience approval rating, though this is only a sample size of the negative reactions that the show is receiving online.

The unfortunate aspect of this Netflix Blockbuster show is that Randall Park is the lead actor, and the man is arguably one of the funniest comedic actors in the game. Still, it might be odd that nostalgia is the only thing that the series is banking on, which would not work well with those who are in their early 20s.

More emphasis on Randall Park starring in this Netflix Blockbuster series, but he is clearly not enough to allow audiences to agree with the structure of this new sitcom. It is a bit odd that the humor aspect of most reviews is the issue. How is a show with Park not hilarious?

This review is a bit more upbeat, and if memory serves, shows like Parks & Rec and The Office both started out incredibly slow as well. We might have to power through half of this Netflix Blockbuster series for it to get remotely funny, but that could get a huge issue too. Most people don’t have the attention span to sit through five episodes of something that is not funny.

Seven minutes might not be enough time to truly give the Netflix Blockbuster series that much of a chance, but again, no one is going to sit through something that doesn’t make them laugh after seven minutes. We honestly expected something more from Randall Park, especially considering the writers Brooklyn Nine-Nine worked on this series too.

Labeling a series, a Nostalgia-Com is something that does not bode well at all, and this Netflix Blockbuster series seems to be solely banking on nostalgia to get its point across. Also being labeled unmemorable is certainly not going to help things either. The humor aspect of this new series is clearly one of the biggest issues.

This is quite a great layered joke for the A.V. Club, as they are going after the signature catchphrase for the once-great video renter retailer. The Netflix Blockbuster series is likely one that is going to be passed on, much like Blockbuster passing on buying Netflix, ultimately sealing its fate.

Sitcoms can certainly be hit or miss, and it appears that this Netflix Blockbuster series is a complete miss for most people. Nostalgia is a powerful agent when it comes to bringing people in, but creators cannot count solely on that to keep everyone’s attention, especially considering the younger crowd might not get a lot of the jokes aimed at those who grew up with the video renter.