Netflix Surprises Fans With Season 2 Renewal Of Fan-Favorite Fantasy Series

By Faith McKay | 14 seconds ago

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Netflix is known for taking a long time to announce renewals of shows, even ones fans have fallen deeply in love with. They are also known for ending the first season of a series on a cliffhanger, adding to fan frustration. Netflix began the first season release of Arcane on November 6, 2021. The first season was released in three acts, with three episodes per act. As the releases moved forward, the show continually topped Netflix’s Most Watched charts. Even with that kind of success, the streaming service often waits to give fans news about ratings for a series, let alone a renewal or cancellation. Fortunately for fans of the animated fantasy series, Arcane season 2 was just confirmed.

While Netflix and Riot Games released a statement on the renewal, they also took to Twitter to announce that Arcane season 2 is officially in production. You can see the Tweet and announcement video below.

The animated fantasy series from Netflix is actually a video game adaptation. Arcane is a prequel story to the massive online battle arena game League of Legends, which was released by Riot Games in 2009. Riot Games worked with Netflix to create their first television series. The show combines hand-drawn art with CG artwork to develop its unique aesthetic.

So far, fans know that Netflix and Riot Games will be partnering up again for Arcane season 2, which should mean a similar tone and art style for the second run. Hailee Steinfeld has been confirmed to reprise her role as Vi. Ella Purnell will also return to voice Jinx and Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman. Even with the show’s success, the announcement for season 2, and confirmation that it was already in production, is a surprising one. It should also mean that fans will get to see the next season soon, though Netflix has yet to announce a release date.

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It’s possible that Netflix had no choice but to make a speedy move toward production for the series, due to fan demand. The first season is not only topping its Most Watched lists, it’s also getting great reviews. Rotten Tomatoes currently has the series at a 100% average with a 98% audience score. As this is the first time Riot Games has worked to adapt one of its titles, it will be interesting to see if this new series leads to future adaptations from the company. League of Legends was their first project and still their most popular, but Arcane has definitely opened up the doors for what the studio may do next.

Though Netflix has moved quickly to get Arcane season 2 into production, it seems unlikely that they expected this level of success on the animated fantasy series. While they have been expanding their animated content, and picking up video game adaptations, neither are historically known for being huge hits. However, there have been some surprises on their Most Watched charts recently. Squid Game is an international series in Korean with subtitles. The story is a survival drama told using violence against the backdrop of simple children’s games. It quickly became one of the streaming service’s biggest hits ever. As Netflix continues to create more series, they’re bound to keep finding unexpected success with shows like Arcane.