Netflix Splits Highly Anticipated Season 3 Anime Into Two Parts

By Nina Phillips | Published

After several years, Beastars is finally set to start airing the third and final season at the end of the year. Beastars Season 3 will be broken up into two parts to cover the final two arcs of the manga. The first part will arrive on Netflix at the end of the year.

Carnivores Vs Herbivores

Beastars Anime

Beastars is set in a similar world to this one but with anthropomorphic animals instead of humans. The world is roughly divided into carnivores and herbivores. However, Legoshi (Chikahiro Kobayashi), a gray wolf, is rather timid and doesn’t much act like other predators.

But when herbivorous students start to get killed off, no one hesitates to start pointing fingers at the carnivore students, including Legoshi. During that time, he becomes friends with different herbivores and even has a fateful encounter with a dwarf rabbit named Haru (Sayaki Senbongi) that changes life as he knows it.

A Frustrating Release Schedule Is Better Than Nothing

Beastars Anime

The first part of the two-part season is set to release in December 2024, with no news yet as to when the second part is coming out. While a split season is somewhat frustrating news, the fact that Beastars Season 3 is releasing at all is very exciting.

The first season of Beastars was released internationally in 2020. Season 2 followed shortly after in March 2021. However, since then, there hasn’t been much information on when, or even if, Beastars Season 3 was coming out.

Part of the delay could have been due to the company having several projects going on at once. However, they’re not a company known for working on and releasing several major works in the same year, unlike J.C. Staff or Studio Mappa.

A Final Two-Part Season

Beastars Anime

The anime studio, Studio Orange, was also working on Trigun Stampede around the same time, and it’s possible Beastars Season 3 was pushed to the side during that time. Now that Trigun Stampede is over, having aired the season in 2023, the studio can focus on some of their other projects.

The poster of Beastars Season 3 provides a little more information than the announcement alone does. This two-part season is set to be the final. This information is slightly concerning, as there are two major arcs left from the manga not yet been covered.

Plenty Of Ground To Cover

Beastars Anime

Season 2 of Beastars ended right at Chapter 100. This leaves the “Interspecies Relations” and “Revenge of the Love Failure” arcs to cover in one last season, roughly 96 chapters.

Though Beastars is known for covering quite a bit in every episode, two full arcs still pushes the limit of what Beastars Season 3 can provide without releasing a rushed mess. However, with no information on how many episodes each part will have, there’s still a chance for it to be finished properly.

Interspecies Relations Will Be The First Drop

Beastars Anime

Because there are two arcs left, it makes sense that Beastars Season 3 will be broken up by these two arcs, with “Interspecies Relations” coming out in December.

Another interesting point to note is that Beastars Season 3 appears to be airing globally. The previous two seasons had an initial release in Japan, with a global release coming a few months later. However, with the third season, or at least the first part of the third season, it appears the story will be released all at once across the world on Netflix.

Like with the first two seasons, Beastars Season 3 will premiere on Netflix.