An NBC Show Has Been Cancelled Due To Diarrhea Outbreak

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago


NBC’s newest game show was set to have contestants compete for prizes and cash around a classic backyard toy. But it looks like those involved got a little more than they bargained with the new show. Apparently, production on Ultimate Slip ’N Slide had to shut down immediately this weekend when a number of crew members contracted what was eloquently and poetically described as explosive diarrhea. This probably wasn’t what anyone thought would be the payoff when they first signed on to work on the show. 

According to the reporting more than 40 crew members, and possibly some contestants as well contracted a form of giardia, a parasitic germ that’s found in water that also has remnants of feces in it. It would seem not everyone competing on the show was able to hold it in during the game and that’s caused more than a few people to get violently ill. Is this how NBC wanted to promote the new game show? Likely not, though it’s nothing if not memorable. 

The new NBC game show was going to feature a 60+ foot yellow Slip ’N Slide that contestants would go down and then complete some other maneuver while avoiding obstacles along the way. It’s a silly premise, though possibly entertaining if the feats are interesting enough while folks hurtle themselves at warp speed down what’s usually used as a summer backyard attraction for kids. But along the way, the diarrhea just became too much for everyone to bear and the show’s production has come to a halt. 

While we wait for everyone over at NBC to clear their systems out, the show is likely to be able to return to shooting and finish up before its planned air date. That’s supposedly going to be in a timeslot following the Olympic Games were set to air in August. Nothing better than watching the very best athletes in the world compete for the highest honors in sport and then immediately pivoting to an average American flinging themselves off the side of a huge hill on a slip ’n slide. If that doesn’t sum up our society I don’t know what does. 

NBC has comedians Bobby Moynihan and Ron Funches set to host Ultimate Slip ’N Slide though there’s no word if these two were also afflicted with the aforementioned diarrhea. It appears that fate was saved for the crew who were forced into the water as part of the production, picking up the parasite in their time in and around the actual slide itself. 

There’s no word on when NBC will be able to get their crew members off the toilets and back into the slip ’n slide mix. With not a ton of time to finish shooting and competing before heading into post-production, there’s some chance the show is in jeopardy of not reaching its target release date. There likely will now need to be a number of protocols in place so that more people are swallowing tiny poop bugs while trying to win a big cash prize.