Natalie Portman Got Ripped To Become Thor, See Her New Muscles

Natalie Portman is looking like a beast in Thor: Love and Thunder.

By Hayden Mears | Published

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Natalie Portman’s absence from Thor: Ragnarok confused quite a few fans, but director Taika Waititi was just saving the big stuff for later. Now, his feverishly anticipated follow-up to Ragnarok, officially titled Thor: Love and Thunder, will see Portman’s Jane Foster taking hammer and helm from Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to become the new…Thor. It’s all very exciting stuff, and now you can see how shredded the actress has become in preparation for the role.

Twitter has always been a great place to catch set photos and other juicy tidbits from popular new movies, and a March 6 post from the Thor: Love and Thunder News account only reinforces that. You can check out the set photos of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster below:

She looks fantastic, and anyone who was weirdly opposed to Natalie Portman becoming the God of Thunder can now rest easy. It will be interesting to see just how Jane Foster ends up with Mjolnir. Knowing Waititi, though, you can bet that it won’t be in a way that anyone will be able to expect or predict.

As much as it may seem like an out-of-left-field decision, the concept of Jane Foster taking up the Thor mantle isn’t a new one. In 2014, writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman hit readers with the stunning development that Jane Foster had become the new God of Thunder. But before that, a 1978 issue of “What If…?” imagined Jane Foster as the new wielder of Mjolnir. It was Aaron and Dauterman, however, who ultimately made that a part of Marvel’s official canon.

So, if you’ve followed the comics for at least a few years and have wanted to see this happen, Natalie Portman bulking up for the role really isn’t surprising. It certainly is welcome, though, and it will allow Kevin Feige and his trusty writers and directors to take Hemsworth’s character in some really fun and exciting new directions. There are many casual Marvel fans who don’t have any idea what to expect, which makes the prospect of Jane Foster becoming Thor on the big screen even more exciting for them.

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With Taika Waititi writing and helming Natalie Portman’s big-screen debut as Thor, we can rest easy knowing the next sequel will likely be just as memorable as Ragnarok so obviously was. Heck, with space sharks thrown in for good measure, there’s nothing that Waititi and company won’t do to make this sequel the best, wildest version of itself. Honestly, it is difficult to imagine another director doing a better job. Waititi reinvigorated a franchise that was essentially dying before he got his hands on it, eventually turning his wacky ideas into one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best, funniest, and most beloved entries to date. Love and Thunder will definitely be just as fun. Count on it.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2022. Until then, revisit Natalie Portman in her many outstanding roles, including her fun, story-elevating turns in the ill-fated Thor: The Dark World and the reviled Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.