Naomi Watts Has The #1 Show On Netflix

Just in time for Halloween, a Naomi Watts Netflix series, The Watcher, is the #1 most streamed show on the streaming platform.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Naomi Watts’ new Netflix show is tearing up the streaming charts and has already hit #1 on the platform. Fittingly, The Watcher is a horror-mystery series, so it’s right in time for spooky season. If you throw on The Watcher for some Halloween scares, it seems like you won’t be the only one.

Along with Naomi Watts, this new Netflix series stars Bobby Cannavale, Mia Farrow, Jennifer Coolidge, Terry Kinney, Henry Hunter Hall, Isabel Gravitt, Luke David Blumm, Christopher McDonald, and more. The Watcher follows a couple moving into a new home, only to get mysterious and ominous letters from a stalker who signs the letters as ‘The Watcher.’ If you’re in the mood for some mystery-solving, it seems like this might be just the thing.

Interestingly enough, despite the popularity of Naomi Watts’ new Netflix series, the reviews aren’t looking too hot at the moment. If you head over to Rotten Tomatoes, you can see that The Watcher is sitting at a 36% from critics and a 41% from audiences. This could certainly change as the series becomes more popular and more people go to give it reviews, but it remains to be seen if the series is just a flash in the pan or if it has some longevity to it.

With that being said, will there be a Season two of The Watcher? It seems unlikely that the Naomi Watts-led Netflix series would return for another round, considering the series is based on a true story. The series was also billed as a limited series from the start, so it’s likely that this will be the only season of this show.

Naomi Watts and the rest of the cast of The Watcher managed to throw Dahmer off the top of the Netflix charts, which is another scary limited series based on a true story. Like Dahmer, The Watcher also happens to be co-created by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy. In short, those two are having quite a hot streak on the streaming platform.

Naomi Watts is set to star in another Ryan Murphy production next year, though it won’t be on Netflix. The actress is leading the second season of the anthology series Feud, which aired its first season back in 2017. The first season followed the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford while the second season will follow the feud between Truman Capote and his inner circle of elite New York socialites.

Feud: Capote’s Women will follow the fallout of Capote releasing the short story La Côte Basque 1965, which exposed the scandals and secrets of Capote’s friends, ruining his reputation in the process. Naomi Watts will be playing Babe Paley, wife of CBS head Bill Paley. Gus Van Sant is set to direct and Jon Robin Baitz writes the scripts and serves as showrunner.

naomi watts netflix
Naomi Watts in The Watcher

The first season of The Feud was nominated for a ton of Emmys, including for the leads Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. With Naomi Watts starring in Feud and her super-popular Netflix series, maybe there could be some Emmy awards in her future. While Watts is no stranger to TV, she doesn’t have any Emmy nods to her name — at least not yet.