Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Reboot Reveals One of Grandpa’s Most Shocking Comforts

You won't believe how The Munsters' Grandpa relaxes!

By James Brizuela | Published

the munsters reboot

Rob Zombie is never one to stray too far away from the source material. That was most certainly the case for his Halloween reboots. Now Zombie is getting his chance to bring one of his favorite series back to screens, The Munsters. There have been plenty of teaser images thrown to excited fans and viewers alike, and the newest comes as a fan-favorite from Grandpa. His electric chair has now been remade for the upcoming film.

Zombie took to his Instagram page to show off the new prop. The new “behind the scenes” image has already amassed nearly 170 comments and 17,300 likes. Apparently, fans of the 1960s series know this prop well. The chair is meant to be an exact replica of the lounge device that Grandpa used in the original series. Apparently, Rob Zombie has done his homework on elements that would usher in new and old fans back to The Munsters. You can see the images of the chair below.

The Munsters follows a macabre family — complete with Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, and a werewolf — that has moved their way into the suburbs to lead a seemingly normal life. The show followed the family’s hijinx as they attempted to appear “normal” to their surrounding neighbors and townsfolk. Zombie has a flair for the more dark and sinister style of things, so there is no telling yet if he plans to make his reboot more “adult.”

Fans of Rob Zombie’s films will be thrilled to see some of the favorite of Zombie’s usual cast as part of The Munsters reboot. His wife and long-time star of his films, Sheri Moon Zombie, will be playing Lily Munster. Daniel Roebuck, who was in 3 From Hell will be playing Grandpa Munster. Jeff Daniel Phillips, who played the Warden Virgin Harper in 3 From Hell will be playing Herman Munster. Zombie usually brings in recurring cast members that he has worked with previously. Sid Haig might have had a part in this film, but he sadly passed away in 2019.

The Munsters reboot is still in pre-production, but that hasn’t stopped Rob Zombie from continually teasing fans with its progress. So far, he has treated everyone to shots of the remade house, casting choices, and now Grandpa’s chair. His vision is sure to spark interest from those who have been a fan of the series. Even though there may be a battle between the Addams Family and The Munsters, which came out within a week of one another in 1964, both are worthy of a watch. Both have also been rebooted.

What is even more interesting is this new version of The Munsters is being made into a film and not a series, so there might be an opening to further the series in the same way in which The Addams Family has been rebooted. Rob Zombie is certainly no slouch when it comes to making films, so he may be given the chance to continue the new franchise, should the first be a hit. His reboot of Halloween grossed $80.4 million worldwide. The hope is that The Munsters will do more of the same.