Multiple Star Wars Movies That Definitely Won’t Get Canceled Being Announced On May 4th

Hot Mic's Jeff Sneider reports that three new Star Wars movies could be announced at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration convention.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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This May the 4th might bring with it a Star Wars day miracle. Jeff Sneider of the Hot Mic podcast recently reported that three new Star Wars movies could be announced next month. Unfortunately, Disney‘s history of announcing new Star Wars movies just to say they’ve been canceled later makes it hard to get excited over the news.

According to Sneider, the three movies will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration. The news comes during a time of uncertainty for Star Wars’ fate as a movie franchise. Following the negative reception of The Rise of Skywalker, Disney has largely been focusing on TV when it comes to Star Wars, leaving the status of many of the previously announced movie projects either up in the air or canceled outright.

That makes the one Star Wars movie still in development a big deal for Lucasfilm. “[The Sharmeed Obaid-Chinoy movie] is a big movie, not just for Star Wars, but for Kathleen Kennedy herself,” Sneider revealed on the podcast. He added that based on what he knows, “Kathleen Kennedy’s whole job depends on having a movie in theaters on Christmas Day 2025. If there’s no movie on Christmas Day 2025, there’s no job.”

Star Wars Celebration is the franchise’s version of Comic-Con. The event is where most of the Star Wars projects that have since been canceled were first announced. Projects like Patty Jenkins’ ill-fated Rogue Squadron and the Gina Carano Disney+ series Rangers of the New Republic.

While the cancelation of Rangers made sense after Carano committed career suicide with controversial tweets, the others are a little bit messier. Take Rogue Squadron, for example. The Patty Jenkins-helmed movie was officially canceled last year after almost three years in a weird on-again, off-again production limbo.

Many assumed that the spectacular failure of Wonder Woman 1984 may have been to blame for Jenkins’ Star Wars movie being canceled, but the truth might be much simpler. Rumor has it Patty being canned from Wonder Woman 3 and Rogue Squadron had more to do with her being a monster to work with than her abilities as a director.

Other Star Wars projects canceled by Lucasfilm include an untitled movie by Kevin Feige, a planned trilogy by Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson, and an untitled movie from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

One could easily assume Disney is just being picky after Rise of Skywalker and want to ensure their next Star Wars movie is perfect. However, there have been more canceled Star Wars projects than ones produced ever since Disney bought the franchise.

Disney’s first move after acquiring Star Wars was to cancel everything currently in production. The House of Mouse tossed out games like Star Wars 1313, and series such as Star Wars: Underworld and Detours. Detours was especially tragic as 39 episodes of the Star Wars parody series were completed when Disney announced it was canceled.

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Shortly after Disney themselves started producing Star Wars content, the firings and cancellations continued. Somewhere out there is an alternate reality where Phil Lord and Tim Miller directed Solo, Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi came out as movies instead of Disney+ series, and Colin Trevorrow made Episode IX.

Given all of the above information, one might almost come to the conclusion that Disney doesn’t know what to do with Star Wars and never has. Such a conclusion isn’t exactly fair, however, in light of universally loved properties like Andor and The Mandalorian and the severely underrated Doctor Aphra comic books.

What’s more likely is that Lucasfilm lacks a cohesive vision. There was a time when Kathleen Kennedy was expected to be for Star Wars what Kevin Feige is for Marvel. Sadly that hasn’t been the case.

However, these three new movie announcements could be game-changers and begin to steer Star Wars back in the right direction…if they don’t get canceled first.

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