Ms. Marvel Star Accused Of Sexual Harassment

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Ms Marvel cast photo

Ms. Marvel star, Mohan Kapur, who plays the teen heroine’s father on the breakout Disney+ series, has been accused of sustaining a long, improper relationship with a young girl starting when she was 15. Reporting from The Direct paints a depressingly familiar picture in the current #MeToo era: a young woman thinks she is being a good friend while an older man sends unsolicited pictures of his genitals. Complicating this situation is that Disney oversees the MCU and has little patience for actors that could tarnish the squeaky clean family-friendly image of the House That Mickey Built.

The accuser claims that when she was 14, she made contact with Ms. Marvel’s Mohan Kapur through his partner at the time, likely to be Achint Kaur, a famous Indian actress. In constant contact for a year, when the girl was 15, Kapur allegedly started openly flirting and sending inappropriate photos. When the young woman confronted the Indian television star over his behavior, his reaction was again, fairly standard for men caught with their hand in the cookie jar: apologize, deny, and keep doing it.

Allegedly, the accuser accepted the initial apology but quickly realized that the actor behind Ms. Marvel’s dad, Mohan Kapur, was grooming her. The young girl claims that Kapur stated “he couldn’t wait for me to get older so I could sleep with him.” Also how “he said things like how he was in love with me, wanted to marry me, wanting me to grow up to be with him.”

To the young woman’s credit, she took her concerns to his partner, but as usual in cases involving famous men, the reaction was not helpful.

Achint Kaur, the likely candidate for the partner at the time due to her 16-year relationship with Ms. Marvel actor Mohan Kapur, allegedly told the accuser that she was aware of this behavior. While Kaur is now the ex-partner of Kapur, the Indian actress allegedly “knew what type of man he was” at the time of the grooming. The victim claims that once his partner started gaslighting, the accusers cut ties with her, becoming increasingly depressed over the situation.

Mohan Kapur as Yusuf Khan in Ms. Marvel.

Turning inwards and blaming themselves is sadly common for victims of sexual abuse. Recently, the women accusing Danny Masterson admitted to the same thing happening to them: confusion, depression, and a fear to continue speaking out due to further harassment. Regrettably, Ms. Marvel’s Mohan Kapur is, according to the accuser, no different in his reactions than other famous predators, including Bill Cosby and Armie Hammer.

In 2020, when the victim says she re-established contact with the Ms. Marvel star, Kapur allegedly requested nudes from the young woman. A conversation that the accuser shared on social media revealed Kapur’s response when asked why he asked for nudes: “to keep as proof of your intentions.”

“You have misconstrued our conversations to make it sound like I was sexually harassing you.” In a shocking turn of events, once news of the allegations began to leak out, Kapur shut down all of his social media accounts.

The accuser has also privatized all of her social media accounts in the wake of the news hitting the mainstream press. While Disney has yet to respond to the allegations, their hand may be forced as the Ms. Marvel cast, including Kapur, is returning for the upcoming film The Marvels. Though no second season has been announced for the Disney+ series yet, it seems likely given the success of the first, which means potentially recasting Kamala Khan’s father with a less problematic actor.