Ms. Marvel Series In Serious Trouble?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

ms. marvel logo iman vellani

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely going through a youth movement right now. With the Avengers’ timeline done, the franchise has begun shifting its focus to new characters and a number of the old guard are passing the proverbial superhero torch to a different generation. One of those new characters is going to be Kamala Khan who will be in a couple of upcoming productions. But the main Disney+ series could be in a bit of trouble with the word that Ms. Marvel is headed towards major reshoots before it can hit the small screen. 

There were some tweets that went out this week confirming that Ms. Marvel was headed to reshoots in Atlanta in the upcoming weeks and has it that the plans are “substantial” in nature. The specifics weren’t there around what exactly needed to be added or recreated, but it can be a bit of a concern when a series feels like big-time work needs to be done after the original set of filming. Check out some of the latest rumors about Ms. Marvel and the timing of the reshoots from @MsMarvelNews. 

Look, reshoots aren’t always the death knell for a series or movie. This kind of thing can happen within the production timeline. Sometimes it can mean reformulating how something looked in its original version. Other times it can mean expanding on a certain story that the team all of a sudden realized would greatly enhance the product. And sure, sometimes it can mean a revamping of the original idea with the studio giving notes about what needed to change. There are a lot of possibilities here. That they are extensive reshoots though could potentially be a problem when it comes to us actually seeing the series in the near future. 

Ms. Marvel is set to follow the story of Kamala Khan played by relative newcomer Iman Vellani. This will act as something of an origin story for the character, an addition to the youthful ranks of the MCU. Khan has shapeshifting powers and fancies herself an Avenger after seeing that group operate within her world. That has also become a theme of these new series, something we saw with the Kate Bishop character in Hawkeye. The six-episode series (the set number for these Disney+ productions) will explore Khan’s life as a teen in New Jersey and also how she came about her powers. 

Originally, Ms. Marvel was supposed to debut in 2021 but was pushed back. These reshoots could be to help clear up some timeline pieces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the show will now come out after other movies and series in the world. It is also meant to set up the events of the upcoming The Marvels which is essentially the sequel to Captain Marvel with Brie Larson. Khan has a role in that movie as well. 

In all, we will have to wait on word about what these reshoots actually mean for Mrs. Marvel. There is a chance we have another delay coming for the series which has yet to announce an official date for its Disney+ premiere.