Ms. Marvel Will Have New Powers on Disney+ Series

New photos show Ms. Marvel with interesting new powers. See them here.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

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Since Marvel introduced the character Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel, to the comic books back in 2013 she quickly became a widely popular and much-loved character. The success of the character recently landed her a spot in the new video game, Marvel Avengers, and prompted Disney executives to give Ms. Marvel her very own series on Disney+. According to The Direct, promotional materials for the new show were recently leaked. From what we’re seeing, it looks like fans can very likely expect to see Ms. Marvel with new powers in the upcoming series. 

The photo of the updated Ms. Marvel, which can be seen below, initially surfaced on Twitter. Looking at the promotional artwork, it is immediately evident that Ms. Marvel is donning what looks to be a kind of crystal-like glove with a purple hue. This “glove” has never before been seen on the young superhero in the comics or even in the new video game. It looks like it could very well be indicative of a new set of powers for the hero. The Direct continued to speculate that her powers could be reminiscent of DC’s Green Lantern’s powers, in that Ms. Marvel will possess the capability to create constructs directly from light. For now, however, Marvel has not officially confirmed anything as to whether or not she will have any additional abilities outside of her polymorphic powers. 

Taking an even closer look at the photo, it’s also apparent that there have been some costume changes made to the character in comparison to what she wore in the comic books. Additionally, Screen Rant recently pointed out some set photos that appeared on Instagram (seen below). These set photos show Ms. Marvel, portrayed by actress Iman Velani, in the same version of the costume that is depicted in the promotional photo. In contrast to the comics, there have been various color alterations and design changes, including her footwear. It seems as though she has exchanged her super-hero boots for some trendy converse-style red sneakers. You can see the set photo below.

Even though Marvel officially tweeted that we will get to see Ms. Marvel on-screen by late 2021, a definitive release date has yet to be confirmed. Significant plot details have also been kept tightly under wraps, which could indicate why fans had no idea that Marvel Studios was planning to shake things up by possibly giving her character new powers. 

While fans have been waiting to see Iman Velani star as Ms. Marvel in her new Disney+ tv show, it was announced that Velani will also be reprising her role in the upcoming sequel to Captain Marvel, entitled The Marvels. Giant Freakin’ Robot also just reported that fans may be seeing a new scientist called JEXA in the sequel, as well. For those excited to see all that’s up and coming for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they might also be excited to know that an unexpected fan favorite, frog Thor, or Throg, who Chris Hemsworth is slated to voice once again, will be making a subsequent appearance on season two of Loki. It looks like Disney+ subscribers have a lot to look forward to.

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