Mindhunter Season 3 Won’t Happen Unless Fans Demand It

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

mindhunter season 3

Mindhunter season 3 is in a precarious place. The second season of the show went up on streaming in 2019. Five years ago, if a show hadn’t made any movement for two years, audiences would assume it was over. However, this series aired just before the pandemic. As projects have been shut down for lockdowns and creators have started work on other projects, it’s become unclear which pre-pandemic series are coming back and which aren’t. A two-year delay on production for Mindhunter season 3 hardly seems like the show is definitely over at this point, at least not until Netflix gives the final word, and they haven’t spoken up yet. Now, Asif Kapadia, who worked on two episodes in the first season, has suggested a clear agenda: if fans want to see another season, it’s time to speak up.

Asif Kapadia took to Twitter to suggest that if audiences want to see Mindhunter season 3, they need to demand Netflix make it happen.

What prompted Asif Kapadia to start fans talking about a Mindhunter season 3 campaign? In this tweet, he retweeted the @NetflixFilm Twitter as they were making announcements about a future David Fincher project. Mindhunter doesn’t actually have an assigned, proper showrunner, but Fincher was the one who filled that role in an uncredited position. He’s known for being mindful of details. He has his actors go through many takes of a scene, more than is usual for a director. This has created a unique style for his work, one that does tend to run up a budget.

In 2020, David Fincher said that Mindhunter season 3 was unlikely. The show had too big of a budget and not enough fans. He moved on to his next project, which is what Netflix was announcing when Asif Kapadia retweeted them. Fincher is about to release a new documentary on Netflix.

Meanwhile, fans met the news with questions about what they really wanted to see David Fincher working on: Mindhunter season 3.

Fans know what they want. The question now is, will it happen? Asif Kapadia saw the fan demands in response to the news of an upcoming project from David Fincher. That makes sense. With his post, he is hoping to get enough fans to speak up for Netflix to move forward and make Mindhunter season 3 happen. This has worked for a lot of television series in the past. It even worked for a major movie when Zack Snyder fans got his cut of Justice League to stream on HBO Max. Could it work for this series? If enough fans speak up, as Asif Kapadia suggests, there’s a real possibility. However, will the show be the same?

Even if a lot of fans speak up, there’s no saying that David Fincher would sign on, and he sounds like he’s done with the show. While he was never the official showrunner, his work helped define the tone. He has previously said that he threw out scripts they had for season two of the show because they didn’t meet his standards. Could anyone else take on Mindhunter season 3 and make what audiences have seen in the past? Could a fan campaign not only convince Netflix to make the show, but David Fincher to return?

These aren’t the only obstacles. Getting the actors involved after a long break can be difficult. Still, there is hope for Mindhunter season 3. Even if it doesn’t happen soon, a lot of projects have come back after long breaks, especially on streaming. If Netflix decides to make it happen, it could.