Millie Bobby Brown Making An Adam Sandler Movie?

By Hayden Mears | 5 months ago

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown is quickly becoming one of the biggest draws in Hollywood. It’s like everyone and everybody wants her in their show or movie of late. It makes sense considering her talent and the ability to show, even early on, that she can take the lead in all kinds of productions. So is it any surprise that even someone like Adam Sandler would want her in one of his movies? That’s what insider Daniel Richtman is suggesting in his latest rumor that has Sandler seeking Millie Bobby Brown out for a comedy.

The details of a possible Adam Sandler-Millie Bobby Brown team-up are nothing more than a rumor right now. But considering both have such an entrenched relationship with Netflix right now, maybe this new movie is part of the four-picture deal the streaming platform struck with Sandler in January 2020.

Recently, Millie Bobby Brown appeared alongside Henry Cavill in Netflix’s Enola Holmes, a playful mystery centering around Sherlock’s younger sister. Up next, she will be starring in the action-packed, utterly ridiculous-looking Godzilla vs. Kong this March. Also, let’s not forget that she will definitely be returning as Eleven in the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix series that helped launch her career, Stranger Things.

And that’s not all, Millie Bobby Brown also starred alongside Kyle Chandler, Charles Dance, and Vera Farmiga in the blockbuster/Godzilla vs. Kong lead-up Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In 2015, a year or so before Stranger Things took the world by storm, she appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. She has already had quite an impressive career, and we are confident she is just getting started.

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler had a fantastic 2019. He starred in A24’s Uncut Gems, an extremely tense, acutely stressful drama about a jeweler addicted to gambling. His performance as Howard Ratner garnered praise from critics and audiences alike, winning the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead. It’s given him plenty of industry cache which is why setting his sights on a Millie Bobby Brown movie is completely in the cards.

So while this is just a rumor at this point it makes sense. Consider Millie Bobby Brown’s skill and rising popularity as an actress and the fact that Sandler seems to be taking on a number of roles that are very much not associated with Happy Madison Productions.

millie bobby brown godzilla

In the comedy vein though, which apparently is where Sandler wants Millie Bobby Brown, he has a career that stretches decades. He was a particularly prominent comedy staple of the 1990s, with the bulk of his work appearing under the aforementioned Happy Madison Productions label. Some of his most notable roles include the main roles in The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates, Billy Madison, and The Wedding Singer, in addition to tons of other instantly recognizable performances. Sure, he has been nominated for Golden Raspberry Awards, winning an alarming number of them, but he proved with Uncut Gems that he is capable of so much more than most viewers may realize.

If this rumor is indeed true, it will be exciting to see Millie Bobbie Brown and Adam Sandler tackle a comedy together. Brown is immensely talented, and while she hasn’t really leaned too hard into comedy, I’m sure she will knock it out of the park. She has one heck of a teacher, too!

What do you think? Should Millie Bobby Brown team up with Adam Sandler for a movie? Again, treat this as rumor for now, but keep it in the back of your brain in case it is confirmed!