Millie Bobby Brown Making A Netflix Film With Marvel’s Best Directors

Millie Bobby Brown has just been cast in her next film and the best directing team from Marvel is helming what could be an awesome flick

By Doug Norrie | Updated

millie bobby brown

Few other actresses have seen their star rise as much as Millie Bobby Brown over the last few years, and among her Stranger Things co-stars she’s definitely reached a level of fame that is well beyond anyone else from the show has done since it hit streaming. She’s taken a number of different high-profile roles and it looks like even more are on the way. According to Deadline, Millie Bobby Brown is going to partner up with Netflix once again, this time in a movie that has Anthony and Joe Russo directing and could be another hit for the streamer. The flick is The Electric State and conceptually we could be looking at a film that hits from a number of different angles.

According to some of the early notes regarding this casting, in The Electric State Millie Bobby Brown will be playing a young woman living in what’s described as a “retro-futuristic past”. She, along with her dog and a mysterious drifter are wandering the American West in this alternate past looking for her brother. The movie is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Simon Stalenhag which came out in 2018. For those that have seen the illustrated novel, it’s a gorgeous representation of this fictionalized world and much of the story is told through the imagery which stands in stark contrast to some of the broader settings. There is a dystopian feel for sure here so it will be interesting to see which kind of direction the movie ends up going.

And according to the Deadline reporting, while other casting decisions haven’t been made for The Electric State, there are some rumors that Chris Pratt could be joining Millie Bobby Brown in the movie, possibly as the drifter. That remains to be seen. But having the Russo Brothers and now Brown attached does give the film a certain cache and other big names joining on wouldn’t be a surprise at all. 

Of course, Millie Bobby Brown hit the scene when she had an absolute star turn as Eleven in Stranger Things, the powerful but innocent young woman who’s saved Hawkins, Indiana more than once. But in the subsequent years, she’s proven herself the kind of actress who can handle multiple roles. She had a big part in both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong for Legendary’s Monsterverse. And she also is starring in another budding franchise for Netflix with Enola Holmes. There is a sequel coming for that film sometime this year.

We are sure to get more news about the plans for The Electric State now that they have found their star in Millie Bobby Brown. Netflix could have another big hit on their hands with this one considering the names that are involved and the source material. In the meantime, we’ll next see Millie Bobby Brown when Stranger Things returns for the second part of their fourth season which drops on Friday, July 1st. From that perspective, she’s still very much crushing it in the role that’s gotten her here.