Millie Bobby Brown Joining Star Wars?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown came on the scene in a big way when she took the streaming world by storm in her role as Eleven on Netflix’s Stranger Things. And since then, she’s only become a bigger name, starring in a major movie franchise and also taking over a budding set of stories in another Netflix show. And now, there are continued rumors that she could be joining one of the biggest franchises of them all. Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that the folks at Star Wars are very interested in bringing Millie Bobby Brown into the fold there. It doesn’t get much bigger than that. 

As with many Richtman rumors, there are precious few details at this point. It isn’t as if Millie Bobby Brown is being targeted for a specific role in the Star Wars universe at this point. But it does speak to her growing talent and fame that the studio and folks at LucasFilm would be incentivized to add her into the mix. She’s at a place in her career where a character could almost be tailor-made for her acting prowess with the ability to really “grow up” with someone new in that universe. Or maybe it’s a retrospective. As has been deep-faked, she can look just like Princess Leia. 

Again, we don’t know if this would mean Millie Bobby Brown joining the Disney+ stable of series that are growing at a breakneck pace. Or maybe it could be within the upcoming world of feature-length film the studio is also planning. Again, more than ever, Star Wars is in a growth phase. Following the third trilogy of films that culminated with The Rise of Skywalker, it didn’t seem as if the franchise had a clear path forward. But the success of The Mandalorian on Disney+ and the growing number of programs in that realm has reinvigorated the appeal of the Star Wars brand meaning the galaxy is the limit on where Bobby Brown could get into the fray. 

In the meantime, Millie Bobby Brown is plenty busy these days, parlaying her turn on Stranger Things into all kinds of new projects. There’s her ongoing role in Legendary’s Monsterverse, just coming off this year’s Godzilla vs. Kong which had an incredibly successful box office run considering it was opening on the tail end of theaters being in pandemic-related closings. 

millie bobby brown

And Millie Bobby Brown is also firmly planted as the star in the now-franchising Enola Holmes world on Netflix. The story of Sherlock’s younger sister was a massive hit for the streaming platform when it came out last fall. And they’ve committed to more movies and stories there with Henry Cavill getting locked up in his role as Sherlock as well. So yeah, Millie Bobby Brown has a couple of different franchises going. 

And what about the aforementioned Stranger Things? Well, one day that show is going to return for its fourth season. There have been a number of different starts and stops with its production and there isn’t any clear timeline, but rest assured it’s coming after numerous teases about how this story is going to unfold. 

Maybe one day Millie Bobby Brown finds herself in the Star Wars universe. Heck, she’s already played someone with Force-like powers so it wouldn’t be all that much of a stretch. In fact, she’d fit right in.