Exclusive: Millie Bobby Brown’s Mega-Million Stranger Things Season 5 Salary Revealed

According to our trusted and proven sources, Millie Bobby Brown got paid a very surprising amount of money for Stranger Things.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

millie bobby brown

Stranger Things will be coming to a conclusion with its fifth season, marking the end of one of Netflix’s biggest success stories. The series went from a pitch by a pair of M. Night Shyamalan proteges that had been rejected by over a dozen cable networks to one of the most well-known and expensive shows in the world. It also made a star of its cast of child actors, particularly Millie Bobby Brown for her portrayal of the psychically unstoppable Eleven. According to our trusted and proven sources, that star-making turn by Millie Bobby Brown has turned into one of the more expensive parts of the show, as she is being paid a whopping $20 million for the final season. 

While it is always a little difficult to exactly nail down what well-known actors are being paid for a role (unless it is a historic case like Jim Carrey’s payday for The Cable Guy), $20 million is a pretty huge amount. It can be probably assumed that this will make Millie Bobby Brown one of the best-paid actors on streaming television, which is pretty good for an eighteen-year-old. It is also most likely that this number is an upfront payment for Millie Bobby Brown for the entire series. With television (streaming or traditional), many actors are paid per episode, but an actor with the current status of Millie Bobby Brown could probably make the demand for a lump sum. At the very least, this seems to put her into the upper echelon of salaries for any kind of actor in the world.

Previous reports have suggested that Millie Bobby Brown was paid approximately $300,000 per episode of Stranger Things season three. That makes a combined total of about $2.7 million for the entire season; while there is not a known number that Millie Bobby Brown got paid for the just-concluded fourth season, it seems there was a sharp rise in the actor’s salary. Apparently, she was paid $10,000 per season one episode, which netted her a total of $80,000. Just as a fun comparison, the actor’s total pay for season one was 0.004% of what she is being paid for the final season of Stranger Things.

Of course, Stranger Things is not the only franchise that Millie Bobby Brown has on the hook. She has been appearing in a lead role in the rebooted Godzilla franchise since 2014 and most likely will make at least a cameo appearance in the upcoming Apple TV+ series continuation. She is also scheduled to appear in Enola Holmes 2, the sequel to her Netflix original film about the kid sister of noted detective Sherlock Holmes (portrayed by fellow Netflix star Henry Cavill). She is also attached to yet another Netflix project, the science fiction film The Electric State, based on the works of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. While Millie Bobby Brown may have shot to stardom via Stranger Things and managed to get handsomely paid, she has a lot of other pretty big paychecks coming soon.