Millie Bobby Brown To Lead The Power Rangers

Millie Bobby Brown could be piloting Megazord in a new Power Rangers movie that ties directly to the original show.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Millie Bobby Brown is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood today. After captivating millions with her performance as Eleven in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the young actress has gone on to appear in the blockbuster film Godzilla: King of the Monsters and its upcoming sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong. She has also headlined another popular Netflix project, Enola Holmes, which is one of the hit films of the year. Now, she could be starring in a brand new take on the Power Rangers in a film that might jump back in time to the original show’s characters.

We Got This Covered is reporting that Millie Bobby Brown is being eyed to star as the lead Power Ranger – almost always depicted as the Red Ranger – in a feature film that would act as both a new riff on the Power Rangers brand and a direct connection to the original series. According to the report from We Got This Covered, the film would involve time travel where a new group of Power Rangers would be sent back in time and potentially run into some of the original characters from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

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It has already been established that the Power Rangers property is getting a total revamp with a feature film and television series in the works. The movie has already secured a writer and it looks like things are moving along quickly for this new riff on the popular property. The idea that Millie Bobby Brown could find herself playing around during the timeline of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers certainly sounds like the soft reboot route that many successful modern sequels have taken. It will likely be a way to usher in old fans while capturing a new generation.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was an Americanized iteration of the Japanese show Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, which in turn was part of an ongoing series of shows known as Super Sentai. Pretty much every version of the Super Sentai series was then turned into a Power Rangers show after the massive success of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The idea that the Millie Bobby Brown film could pull from the classic depictions of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers means that this new version would fit into the ongoing series’ massive continuity.

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There was an attempt to kickstart a completely new Power Rangers movie franchise by doing a straight-up remake of the classic show back in 2017, but that version wasn’t exactly a winner and its reception hasn’t gotten better in the intervening years. Attaching a known star like Millie Bobby Brown to a new version will help give it some marquee value beyond the brand itself, and could signal a particular tone that this new version will be attempting to achieve.

We will have to wait and see if Millie Bobby Brown will be heading up the newest version of the Power Rangers and if she will be crossing paths with the original lineup of heroes. Now, enjoy the theme song to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. There’s no question this is one of the catchiest theme songs in all of geekdom.