See Millie Bobby Brown As Princess Leia

Check out the deep fake video that makes a strong case for Millie Bobby Brown to play Princess Leia in future Star Wars productions.

By Doug Norrie | Published

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown came out of nowhere just a few years on a little upstart Netflix show that turned into one of the best things around in the fantasy space. Stranger Things rocketed her career and she’s just been getting busier and busier these days. Well, now some fans want her to move from one solid franchise to one of the biggest ones around. We just got another deep fake video making the rounds, this one with Mille Bobby Brown as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Check out what she’d look like in the iconic role. 

The resemblance Millie Bobby Brown has to Carrie Fisher at these points in their lives is remarkable. It’s rather uncanny seeing the side-by-sides of the two actresses and when you remove the comparison it’s tough to even tell who is who. The video runs through almost all of Leia’s scenes from the original trilogy, getting her in some of her most iconic moments. If you watched the original with Millie Bobby Brown, I doubt many could even tell the difference. 

The deep fake of Millie Bobby Brown is a piece of fan art, maybe trying to make the rather convincing case the actress deserves a turn in the Star Wars universe happening on Disney+ right now. Considering the timing of The Mandalorian follows the events of Return of the Jedi, this would be a little bit of awesome and not without context. After all, they are needing to bring back some of the old band with the way the storylines are shaking out. 

After all, the show is possibly needing to recast Luke Skywalker after his CGI-aided cameo at the end of the second season. Sebastian Stan was also deep faked into a video as that character and there are rumors he’ll be taking the role going forward. Can we get the same thing with Millie Bobby Brown? A little fan groundswell around casting never hurt anyone. 

millie bobby brown

While Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Leia is likely nothing more than a fan pipe dream, there’s still plenty of ways to catch the talented actress on Netflix. She’s coming off a great role in Enola Holmes which was a critical success as well as a top performer on the platform. After its release, it was one of the most-streamed movies during its first week. 

And of course, Millie Bobby Brown is set to reprise her role as Eleven in the fourth season of Stranger Things. The show that started it all for the actress is set for a 2021 release and has her character in an interesting spot after leaving Hawkins, Indiana at the end of last season. 

Finally, Netflix is considering an entire action series for Millie Bobby Brown after they entered into a major deal with the actress. The platform is pot-committed to making her a superstar. While the Star Wars piece might not line up with that plan, of course, it’s clear she could carry an iconic role like this in one of the world’s biggest franchises.