Miles Teller Shuts Down Production On Godfather Spinoff Series After Refusing The Vaccine

By Faith McKay | 18 seconds ago

miles teller

At the end of July, filming was suspended on The Offer, a new limited series for Paramount+ about the making of The Godfather. Deadline reported the shutdown at the time saying that someone in “Zone A” (meaning someone who is among the cast or who interacts with them) had a positive COVID test. Production was then suspended for safety reasons. At the time, no one was reporting who was responsible for the negative test, but now, over a month later, DailyMail is reporting that Miles Teller was the actor with the positive COVID test.

Miles Teller is currently 34 years old. According to what DailyMail has learned, the actor refused to be vaccinated and had refused a previous COVID test. Then, he tested positive on the set in Los Angeles. The outlet did speak to his publicist, Lauren Hozempa, who responded only by saying, “Your facts are incorrect.” The thing with an answer like that, of course, is that the publicist didn’t say which facts are correct and which aren’t. While it is entirely possible that Teller was the actor who tested positive for COVID and the set was shut down, any detail that the outlet mentioned could have been “incorrect” enough for them to easily refute their questions without really answering, even what day the test was taken. Meaning, the publicist managed to really say nothing at all.

The actor himself isn’t responding, though people have started sending him messages on social media. This weekend Miles Teller attended a Notre Dame game and took group photos. People are now sending him messages with screenshots of the DailyMail article asking him if that’s him, attempting to goad him into addressing his role in the suspended set on The Offer. At this time, he has yet to respond.

miles teller

The photos of Miles Teller in groups are likely confusing people more, as the positive COVID test on set was taken over a month ago, but the news is only coming out now. At the time of the set suspension, his social media photos were of his television at home watching sports. That doesn’t mean he was in quarantine because he tested positive though, since protocol would have suggested he go into quarantine after the positive test on set whether he was the one with COVID or not.

Experiences like that on the set of The Offer with Miles Teller raise questions about how they will be handling COVID moving forward on productions. It was at the start of 2021 when Tom Cruise’s rant on set about COVID protections leaked online and fans debated his reactions and behavior. Actors won’t be wearing masks while filming. As sets continue to be shutdown following positive COVID tests, more studios may begin to require vaccinations. This isn’t unique to Hollywood. Many industries and college campuses are facing the same question about vaccination requirements moving forward. Meanwhile, many actors, like Jennifer Aniston, have narrowed their circles to those who are vaccinated and willing to confirm that information. As the Delta variant picks up, vaccination requirements and COVID protocols may be changing set to set based on the experiences like this new with Miles Teller.

As of this time, The Offer doesn’t have a release date, though many were expecting it to air in the fall of 2021.