See The Actor Just Cast To Play Mike Tyson

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

trevante rhodes mike tyson

Mike Tyson is getting a series about his life in what will surely be about as interesting a story as we would hope to get about a sports star. The greatest boxing talent of his generation wasn’t just a lightning rod in the ring but had just as interesting and sometimes tragic life outside it as well. And now we know who will be playing Iron Mike in the upcoming series. According to Variety, Trevante Rhodes is going to star in the Hulu series and will take on the task of playing someone who, at times, has seemed almost larger than life. 

This casting of Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson signals an exciting development for the series which will explore the life of the boxer both in and out of the ring. Rhodes has had a number of high-profile roles since entering the business and was put on the scene when he had a role in the Academy Award-winning movie Moonlight back in 2016. But he also starred in Netflix’s Birdbox as well, playing opposite Sandra Bullock in the somewhat surprising hit for the streaming service. Other credits include The United States Vs. Billie Holiday and The Predator as well. 

The Hulu series, Iron Mike is set to explore the life of boxer Mike Tyson from his time rising to fame in the 1980s and through his high-profile marriage to Robin Givens as well as the jail time he did for an abuse conviction. It will chronicle this story and is sure to offer possibly unknown parts of his life that never became part of the media narrative. Again, in his prime he was among the most famous people around, even inspiring video games in his name and a branding specific to the sport of boxing. 

Now, don’t start getting confused with some other Mike Tyson news that’s out there. That’s because this isn’t the only content in the works set to explore the life of the boxer. There were near-simultaneous announcements about projects detailing the boxer’s life. And the other one in development has some huge names attached as well. That’s because Jamie Foxx is set to star in an upcoming movie that has Antoine Fuqua on as a director with Martin Scorcese on as a producer as well. It hasn’t yet been sold to a station or streaming service, but there’s little doubt it will get some top dollar offers when it finally get out there selling. 

Mike Tyson has remained relevant over the years with a post-boxing, post-jail career that’s been surprising considering where he started, but not so much when you consider the personality behind it. An appearance as himself in 2009’s The Hangover ignited a cameo career that’s now spanned more than a decade, appearing in all kinds and shows and movies along the way. And he’s even voicing himself in an animated series for the Cartoon Network Mike Tyson Mysteries which has his character solving silly whodunits. 

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We don’t know what the timeline for the release of Iron Mike is on Hulu and it’s likely some ways off if they are just casting the lead now, but this is set to be a time heavy on the Mike Tyson content for sure.