See Mike Myers And Dana Carvey Back As Wayne And Garth For The Superbowl

By Faith McKay | 5 months ago

mike myers dana carvey

Does it get any more classic than Wayne and Garth reporting live from that basement in Illinois? That big game is coming up on February 7th, the one where all the commercials are so worth watching that we get teasers for the ads themselves. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are here with a 37 second clip to remind us how much we love them. 

The ad is for Uber Eats, which you can catch right at the end when the doorbell rings. This was smart on the part of the company. It completely makes sense that this pair would have Uber Eats delivered to Wayne’s parents’ basement. Wayne’s World 2 came out in 1993. In this teaser commercial, we find Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s characters exactly where we left them. They’ve still got their catchphrases at the ready and their outfits are on point. The nostalgia is strong in this one. 

While mostly we love Wayne and Garth for the catchphrases, fans may remember that these two are rock metal fans. They are airing a public access television program from the basement. The plot of the first movie is all about keeping their public access show going despite the evils of commercial television. Here, we see the two are still rocking. In only a few seconds, the pair remind us both why Wayne’s World is great and why Super Bowl commercials are worth watching. Uber Eats also released a six-second clip of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey singing a remixed version of the classic “Wayne’s World” song to add Uber Eats to the lyrics. This may mean the full Superbowl ad will include more of this singing, but there’s no telling.

Did you know that the term “Super Bowl” is trademarked by the NFL? That’s what Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s characters are referencing in the ad when they talk about the legal reasons. While you may hear advertisements that mention the “Super Bowl” by name, those companies paid top dollar for the right to do so. This is why you’ll hear commercials that say things like “mega bowl” or, more commonly, the “big game”.

Wayne’s World is actually one of the many movies that got started as a sketch on Saturday Night Live. The sketch started off in 1989. It was such a success for Mike Myers and Dana Carvey that they got to make Wayne’s World the movie in 1992 and then the sequel one year later. For years, fans were begging for Wayne’s World 3. While at this point most people would tell you that’s never going to happen, realistically, it’s not completely off the table. While Mike Myers is now 56 and Dana Carvey is now 65, we just saw the third installment for Bill & Ted Face the Music. We live in a time where any franchise can have any sequel at any time. Nothing is off the table, and it is most excellent. 

While there’s not really much reason to believe Wayne’s World 3 is about to happen any time soon, you can catch the big ad during the big game this Sunday. Somewhere in there, you’ll be sure to see Mike Myers and Dana Carvey having a good time. Super Bowl LV will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Kansas City Chiefs on February 7th at 6:30 pm EST on CBS.