Michelle Rodriguez Is Shocked By The Fast X Ending

Michelle Rodriguez says the ending to Fast X is going to really shock fans.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

michelle rodriguez

The Fast and Furious franchise has dropped our jaws to the floor with its mind-boggling special effects and stunt coordination for nine high-octane films; each installment has outdone the one that preceded it in terms of scope and complexity. According to Michelle Rodriguez (via Collider), Fast X stays true to form in the sense that Dom and his family will face their ultimate nemesis in the upcoming film, and we’ll be left at the edge of our seats upon its conclusion.

In regard to the ending of the film, which will be a cliffhanger for Fast and Furious 11, Michelle Rodriguez had a lot to say.

“I think people are gonna be really, really surprised and we’re gonna get a lot of open mouths at the end of Fast X. Let’s just put it that way. It’s gonna be like, ‘Really? What?’ Like that! Like that’s how I was in theater. I was like, ‘Oh my god. What have we done?’”

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez, who has portrayed Letty Ortiz in seven of the nine films, has gone on record stating that the tenth and penultimate installment of the franchise will continue to push the envelope in ways that she could have never imagined.

Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) will portray the villain, Dante, in Fast X, and he’s got a serious axe to grind. It’s backed up by a grudge he’s been carrying off-screen since Fast Five, when his father, Hernan Reyes was killed by Dom and his crew. 12 years later, he’s primed and ready for revenge by going after Dom’s son, “Little B.” Michelle Rodriguez considers Dante to be the best villain in the franchise so far because of his cool and calculated countenance. She aptly describes his demeanor as “revenge with a smirk.”

It’s one thing to seek revenge over those who have wronged you but to go after their children is a whole new level of evil that we haven’t even considered up to this point in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Up to this point, we thought we’d seen it all when Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) were sent into orbit in a Pontiac Fiero with rockets strapped to the back of it so they could destroy a satellite in F9. But from what Michelle Rodriguez is saying, we really haven’t seen anything yet. And that’s why we love the Fast and Furious franchise. Sometimes you just need to suspend a healthy amount of disbelief and simply let these films happen to you because they continually defy the laws of physics.

Fast X will be the penultimate installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and is slated for a May 19, 2023 release. If you’re familiar with the saying “go big, or go home,” and you’re a fan of the franchise, then you know that Dom, Letty, Roman, Tej, Ramsey, Mia, Han, Elle, and Deckard are going to pull no stops in bringing Dante to justice. If Michelle Rodriguez’s reaction to the conclusion of Fast X is any indication of what’s to come, then we know we’re going to have to strap in for a wild ride.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching a Fast and Furious movie, it’s about time you get yourself familiar with the first nine installments before kicking it to high gear with Fast X. Not only do Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez make a great power couple, you know they’re going to eventually dial things up to 11 (literally and figuratively) when the franchise concludes. After all, their family depends on them.