Michael Keaton On Board For Beetlejuice 2

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

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Michael Keaton has a few iconic characters on his resume through his many years in Hollywood. But none might be bigger and more recognizable than Beetlejuice. And for fans of that original movie, start getting pumped because the latest news has it that the actor is signed on and set to give it a round two. Michael Keaton is signed on to star in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice sequel

This is major news for a sequel that’s been long-rumored but never fulfilled until now. Michael Keaton originally starred in the titular role (Betelguese) way back in 1988. Since then, on the back of a major cult following for the film, fans have clamored to get a follow-up story about the character and the house he haunts. There were a number of starts and stops around a sequel with nothing really getting off the ground. But over the last couple of months, rumors had started swirling that something could be in the works. It looks like we are getting close to full confirmation here. 

The Michael Keaton rumor out there a few weeks ago was that he would be returning for not one, but two Beetlejuice sequels, essentially forming a soon-to-be franchise into a trilogy. Whether there will be a third film remains to be seen. But if Keaton and Burton are teaming up on the next story, there’s certainly room for growth in this world. 

Michael Keaton Beetlejuice

It’s unclear at this point if other characters from the original movie would be making returns to the screen. Among others, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis were in starring roles as the couple who, after their untimely death, summon the poltergeist into the house they are haunting. And of course, there’s Winona Ryder who plays the goth-ed out Lydia in the original and can see all of the undead. Ryder had hinted at a sequel years ago, so there’s some chance she’s getting back on board as well. 

The other casting piece, along with Michael Keaton, that had been hovering around was Johnny Depp possibly getting in on the action, reuniting with long-time collaborator Burton. But those rumors have failed to materialize. 

The original Beetlejuice came out more than thirty years ago and was a modest hit at the box office earning $74 million on a $15 million budget. But the dark (very dark) comedy was a hit with critics hitting 85% on the Tomatometer. Fans loved it for its rather sinister jokes and Michael Keaton’s scene-stealing presence as the main character. Sure, it’s decades later now, but it stands to reason the actor can bring the same energy and impishness to the screen like he did all those years ago. 

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And Beetlejuice isn’t the only character Michael Keaton is set to reprise in the next few years. He’s also going back to the 1980s and will don the cape and cowl again as Batman in a number of different DC Universe projects. Plus, he’s also heading back to Marvel where he’ll once again play Vulture in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. It’s all good with us. The more Michael Keaton the better as far as we are concerned.