See Michael Keaton’s Batman Selfie From The Set Of Batgirl

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

micheal keaton

It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan with a whole slew of movies and projects set to come from that comic book house over the next few years. And there might be no more anticipated movie than The Flash which is set to be a solo movie for the character that will also introduce DC’s version of the Multiverse. Because of that, we are getting one of the cooler returns of a character ever with Michael Keaton set to reprise his Bruce Wayne/ Batman role from the “original” 1989 film. And in anticipation of that role, Keaton posted a “selfie” on Instagram to get fans excited about seeing the character once again. 

Though the Instagram photo is merely a shadow, it kind of makes sense for the character considering that is essentially where he lives. This is Keaton’s version of giving us a “look” at the character and we can instantly see those iconic longer ears, something his version of the character brought to the big screen the first time around. Check out what Michael Keaton posted and we can start dreaming about what it will mean to see this version of Batman once again. 

In this post, Michael Keaton let the shadow of Batman speak for it/himself. Fans know what they are getting with this character and it’s a testament to the flexibility and creativity of studios these days that they would even consider bringing back a character like this. But the Multiverse, and all of its iterations, makes this kind of thing possible. And after what went down with Spider-Man: No Way Home from Marvel, we almost have this expectation that we will see different, and iconic, characters from the past brought back to life in new movies. Michael Keaton returning as Batman is just another example of how the comic book movie industry is unfolding. 

In The Flash, it’s looking like Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will be using his super-speed to try and reverse time, working to prevent the death of his mother. But the effects of that move appear to shoot him into different timelines. One of those will have Michael Keaton’s Batman, now an older version of the character obviously. But from early accounts and these kinds of Instagram hype posts, it sure appears the guy is going to get into the cape and cowl at least one more time. Some other set leaks have already shown him back in character as well. You can check those out below:

In addition to Michael Keaton reprising his role of Bruce Wayne in The Flash, Ben Affleck will also be returning as Batman from the Justice League timeline as well. Again, this is all possible thanks to the Multiverse and it could be the last we see of Affleck in this universe. This is meant to be the end of his run. But not so for Keaton who has other things in the works for DC. We had the exclusive that he will appear in Batgirl and there are rumors of other appearances and projects in the works as well.