Michael Bay Surprises Everyone By Trashing His Own Movie

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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Did you have something negative to say about the new Michael Bay movie? Well, the filmmaker has beat you to it. In a surprise move while promoting Ambulance, he told the French press, Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont, that while he may be well-known for CGI in his movies, the new Jake Gyllenhaal project has very little of it. What audiences will see, however, the filmmaker is not happy with it.

All those explosions and cars flipping, that’s all real… It looks very dangerous [and] it could be very dangerous if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Most of it is real stunts. There’s very few blue screen shots on the movie. There’s not a lot of CGI. Some of the CGI is sh*t in this movie. There’s a couple shots that I wasn’t happy with, okay? Alright.

Michael Bay

Of course, as the director for the Transformers movies, Michael Bay’s CGI standards might be a little high. Ambulance probably didn’t have the special effects budget a movie about giant alien robots came with. This could have resulted in Michael Bay feeling a little let down by the effects in his new heist movie.

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While “over the top” and “excess” are things that Michael Bay fans come to him for, the sub-par (according to him) CGI in Ambulance isn’t what critics are talking about so far. The special effects aren’t really coming up in the early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes at all. The 34 critics have given the movie a 76% rating. They’ve said that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has a great performance and that he adds heart to the over-the-top movie. About Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance, they’ve said that he has pulled out all the stops with his scene-chewing. Overall, they appear to agree that the movie has all the excess and drama that a Michael Bay fan might be looking for.

Ambulance tells the story of Yahya Abdul-Matten II’s character, a veteran with an ill wife in need of better medical care, and for someone to pay down her medical debts. Unsure of where else to turn, he goes ahead and asks his brother for help. His brother is played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who has a history as a career criminal. He agrees to help, of course, but not without his own selfish motives. While he is going to help his brother get what he needs, he is also going to help himself at the same time by taking advantage of his skilled brother’s desperation. He suggests a heist that could earn them millions. His plan involves getting away with an ambulance in Los Angeles.

This is where the special effects Michael Bay is unhappy with likely come in. There are a lot of car chase scenes in the new movie, something he’s had a lot of experience with over the years with his past films. You can see the teaser for the Michael Bay movie below.

While Michael Bay may be readying himself for some specific complaints about his movie, critics seem to suggest that if you like movies from the filmmaker responsible for many of the Transformers films, Will Smith’s Bad Boys, and Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground, then Ambulance is likely worth checking out. The movie has seen some delays, but will now release on April 8, 2022. If you’re unhappy with the CGI in Ambulance, well, don’t say he didn’t warn you.