Michael B. Jordan On Being The New Superman

Michael B. Jordan speaks up about being the new Superman.

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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With Henry Cavill reportedly leaving the DC Extended Universe, it is unclear what the big wigs over at DC and Warner Bros. are going to do with Superman. Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a marked improvement over Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut, but it apparently was not enough to convince Warner Bros. to continue with Snyder’s vision. Still, Dwayne Johnson reportedly wants the actor back in the role. But even louder than those demands are the rumblings that Michael B. Jordan will be the next Superman. Now, for the first time since the rumor started circulating, the actor has finally broken his silence on the matter. And his answer is not as straightforward as many have hoped.

In a new interview (via WeGotThisCovered), Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan shared his thoughts on the rumors that he had been cast as the new Superman. Predictably, he did not reveal much. Could that mean that talks are indeed happening behind the scenes? That is not clear, but you can decide for yourself.

Here’s what Michael B. Jordan had to say about the Superman rumors:

“I don’t know what is really going on with [Black Superman] in particular. But everybody’s want and desire to see black leads and heroic roles is really important. Representation is important… There’s so many opportunities with different IP, different properties, different characters that never got the light of day. And there are certain ones that should just be where they are. So let’s just see how things shake out.”

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So, there you have it, folks. While Michael B. Jordan gave a beautifully vague answer that is essentially a non-answer, he did express hope that representation in mainstream media would continue. On that same note, he has shown interest in portraying Superman. Maybe not the Superman we know, but still a Superman. More specifically, he is keen to play Earth-23’s Superman, Calvin Ellis. Maybe that’s the Superman Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing for J.J. Abrams? We don’t know yet, but that definitely could be the plan.

It really isn’t clear where Michael B. Jordan fits into DC and Warner’s overall plans. The DC Extended Universe has been a directionless mess, with a few bright spots here and there to help light the way. But those high points are not enough. What fans want to see is consistency and quality. They do not want one good film for every five that hits theaters. They want to see a universe that feels cohesive, populated with characters that engage and entertain. As mediocre as it was, the SnyderVerse was the closest we have come to a clear vision. It is a shame that we will likely never see it continue.

Up next for Michael B. Jordan is the Sylvester Stallone-less Creed III, Without Remorse, and A Journal for Jordan. On TV, he will be reprising his role as Killmonger in Marvel’s upcoming What If… series for Disney+. He also recently appeared in an episode of the newest season of Love, Death & Robots. The guy has a ton going on, so even if he does not end up nabbing the Supes role, he has more than enough to keep him busy.

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Would Michael B. Jordan make a good Supes? Or should Henry Cavill stay in the role? We’ll have to wait and see, but make sure you tune in to that What If… show, which is scheduled to premiere later this year.