See Michael B. Jordan In The Tragic Journal For Jordan Trailer

By Apeksha Bagchi | 1 month ago

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Michael B. Jordan who is best known for action-oriented roles in films like Creed, Black Panther, as well as the recently released Without Remorse, is all set to break out of his comfort zone with A Journal for Jordan, directed by Denzel Washington. In the recently released trailer of the romantic-drama film, Jordan is seen playing the real-life character of Late Sergeant Charles Monroe King opposite Chanté Adams who plays his wife, Dana Canedy. 

Written by the Oscar-nominated screenwriter Virgil Williams, the Michael B. Jordan starrer is based on the bestselling memoir, A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor. Penned by Pulitzer-prize-winning Dana Canedy, the memoir is about her late husband Charles, a soldier who is deployed to Iraq soon after his son is born. Unable to be with his infant son, Charles kept a journal in which he jotted down all his love and teaching for him, in case he never made it back home. Apart from directing the cinematic adaptation, Washington will also be producing the film with Jordan, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, and Sony Pictures’ Ange Giannetti.

In the trailer, Michael B. Jordan’s character is seen sharing a strong bond with Chante Adams’ Dana as they gradually fall in love, start a family, only to be torn apart. In his journal, Charles explains to his son what the definition of beautiful is for him: “Dear Jordan, just take one look at your mother. That will tell you what I think beautiful is.” 

A Journal for Jordan marks the first venture of Michael B. Jordan into romantic films as for the past few years, he has majorly stuck to the action genre and thrived in it. While doing physical roles suited his “appetite,” this break from action films is a “good change of pace” as shared by the actor during a chat with USA Today

“I’m 34; the last seven years has been (about) physically developing into your sweet spot,” Michael B. Jordan shared, adding that now he is ready to try on different genres as he feels safe to explore such vulnerable characters. While this would be the first time that the actor will be seen in a romantic role on screen, he revealed that he is a true romantic in real life who is instinctively devoted to being “a person of service.” But he established that he is not a romantic in other ways, like for starters, romantic films are not his favorite but still, he said yes to A Journal for Jordan because it was the “right time to do it.”

What made the process of transitioning to a romantic role easier for Michael B. Jordan was the presence of Washington who provided a “master class of character development and directing.”

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“Everybody wants to work with him, and he’s a very selective guy,” added Michael B. Jordan. “So the fact that he wanted to work with me was a huge deal for me.”

After A Journal to Jordan, Michale B. Jordan will be reverting to his ongoing streak of action films. He is all set to join Ryan Coogler’s Wrong Answer, followed by the Amazon Prime Video film Blood Brothers. Jordan is also going to direct Creed III as well as reprise his role of boxer Donnie Creed. While the actor currently has no plans of doing more films like A Journal for Jordan, if it’s anything like its trailer we are definitely in for more romantic features headlined by Jordan.