Melissa Benoist Will Still Appear As Supergirl, Despite Recasting

By Rick Gonzales | 4 months ago


Melissa Benoist will be returning as Kara Zor-El on The CW series Supergirl, which is currently in production on its sixth and final season. Yet with Sasha Calle having just signed on to play Supergirl in the upcoming The Flash movie, it looked as though Benoist’s time as Supergirl was coming to an end. Yet it seems as though we might not be saying goodbye to Benoist as Supergirl just yet.

When the CW announced that season 6 would be the last for Supergirl, Melissa Benoist seemed at ease with the decision. Benoist even posted a statement of thanks on her Instagram to those who have been following her journeys as Kara Danvers, in which she spoke about the impact and importance playing the character has had in her own life.

Although Supergirl has been canceled, Benoist is not ending her relationship with Warner Bros. In fact, the actress has just signed a multi-year TV deal with the studio and has formed her own production company, Three Things Productions. Under their agreement, Benoist will develop and produce various new projects for Warner Bros.

This new deal for Melissa Benoist means that not only will the actress develop and produce new programming for WarnerMedia outlets, but according to Geekosity, it could mean more appearances from Benoist’s Supergirl across The CW and HBO Max. While nothing is confirmed about Benoist continuing to play Supergirl, this solidification of her dedication to WarnerMedia projects does seem like a positive for those who want to see Benoist return as Kara Danvers.

Supergirl made her debut in DC comics way back in 1959. Since her introduction, Supergirl has made only one appearance on the big screen and that was in the 1984 feature Supergirl, which starred Helen Slater as Superman’s cousin. 37 years later, we have our second big-screen Supergirl in Sasha Calle. The new Supergirl currently stars in the daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, and was chosen by director Andy Muschietti to star in the upcoming The Flash movie alongside Erza Miller. Calle will be the first Latina Supergirl ever in DC and she was chosen in a lengthy process from over 400 auditions. The director posted a video to his Instagram where he told Calle she got the role.

While no official reason has been given as to why the CW is moving on from Supergirl, the Greg Berlanti production will see a 20-episode final season with a rumored series finale that will allow for Benoist to show up on other series such as The Flash or the upcoming new series Superman & Lois. This comes in contrast to rumors that Benoist is ready to move on from Supergirl, looking to move on to feature films.

Not only does Melissa Benoist seem at ease with the ending of her Supergirl TV series, but she also seems overjoyed with the announcement of Calle as the new Supergirl. She posted a wonderful welcome message to Calle, telling her and fans that “the world needs as many Supergirls as it can get.”

Whether the world needs them or not, they are definitely going to get them. Melissa Benoist’s final season of Supergirl is scheduled to air midseason on The CW, while Calle’s introduction as Supergirl will have to wait until November 4, 2022.