See The Clock Ticking On Mel Gibson In Action-Packed Agent Game Trailer

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

mel gibson

“The clock is ticking,” seems to be the overall, anticipating theme in the new trailer for Agent Game, starring Mel Gibson. The seasoned actor has been cast in the new action film Agent Game, alongside a list of other big-name stars who have paved their way in the industry. The trailer showcased and highlighted a film that will be full of action, thrill, and mystery. Gibson is no stranger to the action genre, and it appears the actor is fitting right in with the rest of the cast of the film. Let’s take a closer look at the trailer for the upcoming action spy thriller. 

Action Game has cast several credited actors. Alongside Mel Gibson, other cast members include Dermot Mulroney, Jason Isaacs, Katherine McNamara, and Annie Ilonzeh. Gibson will be playing the role of an intelligence officer named Olsen, while Mulroney will be portraying a CIA officer named Harris. Harris is tasked with missions to find foreign nationals for interrogation. However, Harris is soon set up and blamed for the death of an individual who was interrogated. Gibson is the officer that sets up the team of operatives that will hunt down and find Harris. The trailer does a great job of showing each actor portraying their character in the movie. The trailer opens with a shot of the Washington Monument and a dramatic voice-over. We then find out what Mel Gibson’s character was saying in the dialogue when the camera focuses on him, as he simply asks, “Want a gig?” The action then rightfully ensues as the trailer continues to the very end, while also explaining the premise of the film in a nonchalant way. See the action-packed trailer below: 

According to Deadline, Action Game is being directed by Grant S. Johnson, who has directed films such as Nighthawks. The screenplay is written by Tyler W. Konney and Mike Langer, according to Collider. The trailer shows that the film has a bluish hue which gives the movie a very dramatic effect. The actors portray their characters in a very serious manner, which will make the movie very realistic. Along with Mel Gibson, the list of long-term actors will most likely make the film well-made and the characters believable. Jason Isaacs is one of the stars of the action film and has starred in a number of films such as The Patriot and the Harry Potter franchise as Malfoy’s father. Dermot Mulroney has also been in a list of movies, including classics like My Best Friend’s Wedding and Zodiac. 

Mel Gibson has also been several films in the past, and a number of them have been action-based. Gibson starred alongside Jason Isaacs before in the American Revolution war drama, The Patriot. The actor has also been cast in films such as Braveheart, Mad Max (1979), and Lethal Weapon. Of course, the list of talented actors will make the film incredibly interesting to watch, but the production of the film also seems to be on point. The movie was shot in Augusta. According to The Augusta Chronicle, Mulroney discussed shooting the movie, but not having the chance to actually film a scene with Gibson. “The only sad part for me is I’m in a movie with Mel Gibson but I didn’t shoot a scene with him, so they’ll take the couple of days he worked here and cut it through the movie,” Mulroney stated. 

Agent Game will be released in theaters and also digitally on April 8th. For a film that is full of action and mystery, this seems to be the perfect movie to sit down and watch. And with a group of actors like Mel Gibson and Dermot Mulroney, who have been working in the industry for quite some time now, the performances will definitely be on point. We’ll just have to wait for the clock to keep ticking until the release date in April.