Mel Gibson Helps a Killer In Dangerous Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

mel gibson

Mel Gibson has been a part of action movies in his own right over the years, and even in some recently. In this latest flick, he’s mostly taking a backseat in the shoot’em up department, opting for a role on the psychiatric sidelines. While Gibson isn’t the main player in Dangerous, a movie with something of an ensemble cast, he does look like he has a major part in helping to drive the action. 

The trailer for Dangerous is a bit all over the place, and honestly a bit tough to follow at times. While that might not bode all that well for the movie from a critical perspective, what they seem to lack in any coherent narrative they appear to more than make up for in bullets and blood. This looks like an action movie through and through with a team of folks all after the same ex-operative. It doesn’t appear to go all that well for almost anyone involved. And it looks like Mel Gibson unwittingly becomes caught up in the fireworks, bringing a clinical take to what his client has to go through to avoid death. Check out the trailer for Dangerous. 

From the looks of things, we have Scott Eastwood playing some kind of ex-soldier turned dude seeking a little help on the psychiatrist’s chair. Mel Gibson is the doctor who’s been treating this guy and likely helping him work through various aspects of his past, especially those on the violent tendency side. While he might have thought there was progress being made, some of that comes crashing down when the authorities, at first led by Famke Janssen’s character. 

Things really start to unravel when Scott Eastwood goes to his brother’s funeral which is where everything comes to a, well, dangerous head. It’s where the authorities catch up with him as well as a group of ne’er-do-wells intent on taking this guy down. It turns into a full-on, last stand with Mel Gibson probably charging by the hour to walk Eastwood through the whole process, from a clinical perspective. Again, this is all pretty convoluted and it isn’t totally clear who is working for who throughout. 

In addition to Mel Gibson, Scott Eastwood, and Framke Janssen, Dangerous will also include Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Durand, and Brendan Fletcher. The film was directed by David Hackl who’s put out other action movies with bigger stars in recent years. He did Daughter of the Wolf with Gina Carano in 2019 and Life on the Line with John Travolta in 2015. Plus there was Into the Grizzly Maze with James Marsden and Thomas Jane. The movies might be forgettable, but he has a knack for working with big names. It looks like he pulled that off with his latest. 

This won’t be it for Mel Gibson on the action front either. He’s set to star in the John Wick spin-off series The Continental. He’ll be playing Cormac in the limited series set to come out next year. In the meantime, Dangerous is set to hit a limited number of screens on November 5th.