See Mel Gibson In His New Bank Robbery Movie

Mel Gibson is back in another underground action film, but this time is taking on a much different role for this bank robbery thrill ride.

By James Brizuela | Published

mel gibson

Mel Gibson is sort of going down the same road that Nicolas Cage once did. The man seems to keep appearing in some oddball films, like Fat Man, which saw Gibson be a violent version of Santa Claus. Now, he is slowly working his way back to bigger features. His newest starring venture is a film called Bandit, which sees Gibson team up with Josh Duhamel and Elisha Cuthbert. The film tells a story of a family man who becomes a bank robber while on the road, and it is based on a true story. You can see the trailer for this wild film below:

The film does look to be quite a good heist movie of sorts. It is R-rated, so expect to see some very adult action and blood in the film. Josh Duhamel sports some very convincing disguises, as he travels the world to rob banks. However, that is where Mel Gibson comes into play. Gibson plays the mob boss that is likely not the kind of guy you should borrow money from or get into business with, but that seems to be exactly what Duhamel’s character does. Quite honestly, the film looks entertaining. The fact that the film is based on a true story makes the plot that much more exciting.

Bandit follows the real-life story of Gilbert Galvan Jr (Josh Duhamel), a career criminal that escapes from prison and heads back to the life that he knows too well. He leaves Michigan and travels to Canada under the assumed identity of Robert Whiteman. He then meets a social worker by the name of Andrea, who he falls in love with. Whiteman can’t provide for her in the way that he wants, so he begins to rob banks. That is when he gets into business with Tommy Kay (Mel Gibson). Kay finances some robberies for Whiteman, but being that Kay is a loan shark and criminal figure, we think greed might play a bigger part in their newfound partnership.

Bandit is based on the story of the “Flying Bandit” who is a criminal that traveled by plane to select locations, where he would rob several banks in one day, returning home with loads of money. The bank robber’s real name is Ken Leishman, and he was widely known in Canada for having robbed several banks in the 1960s and 1970s. He also masterminded the biggest gold heist in Canadian history. When he was finally captured and arrested, he managed to escape twice before finally serving his entire prison sentence. That’s quite a story. We are not sure how true it is that Leishman met a mob figure, but we are glad to see Mel Gibson portray one in the Bandit film that portrays Leishman’s life.

Bandit is set to premiere on demand and in theaters on September 23, 2022. The film was written and directed by Allan Ungar. Ungar grew up in Toronto, so he likely knew about the heists that took place by the Flying Bandit. We can’t wait to see how Mel Gibson portrays himself as a mob figurehead.